Udaariyaan 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Udaariyaan Upcoming Story

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Udaariyaan 3 May 2021 Written Update

High voltage drama is going on in the serial Udaariyaan, that when the three Tejo Fateh Jasmine want to expose together, they have done their work to a great extent, but on the last moment, Jas is suspicious that The three have surrounded him that he is sure to get all his jewelery and all the jewelery he has got here, he knows that he has gone home for his interview but at the same time Fateh is also worried about this. That Jasmine is the woman who gets well, who gets caught in a lot of trouble, who is the one who runs away with all the stuff but who is chasing her, I am still on the way. He leaves the car with something and starts running away, not returning to whatever but then he reaches a place and Jasmine also comes after him, who is on top of Jasmin, he guns the gun and at the same time says that If you tried to do anything, then you lost your life, whoever comes, who is very scared to see this, because Justin gunned the gun on Justin two Tan Li is at his house and is giving interviews, but let us tell you that there will be Fateh’s banged entry and know that he will save Jasmine like that and the black letter of Just will open when the police hand over and Tejo is here And whatever property of Jasmine, which gold ornaments, silver and whatever money will be returned, to see which new people will come to learn during this period.

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story 3.5.2021

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