Ugadi 2022 Date and Time: When is the Ugadi in 2022? Check out the Ugadi 2022 Date in Karnataka, Wishes Quotes

Ugadi 2022 Date and Time: According to the Hindu calendar, Ugadi, a major festival in Karnataka (Ugadi), Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra (Gudi Padwa), is celebrated on New Year’s Day. In 2022, the day will come on March 13, which will be Tuesday.

Ugadi 2022

The name Ugadi or Yugadi is derived from two Sanskrit words: yuga (age) and adi (beginning) – ‘the beginning of the new age’. Ugadi is a lunar New Year’s Day for the Telugu and Kannada community of India. The date of Ugadi depends on the calculation of 12th century lunar positions. Usually, the date of the festival falls in late March or early April in the western calendar.

When is Ugadi Festival 2022?

Festival Name Date States
Ugadi Saturday, 2 April 2022 Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra

When is Ugadi 2022?

In 2022, Ugadi falls on Tuesday April 2nd.

Pratapatha Tithi started – 08:00 am on 2nd April, 2022

Tribute Tithi ends – April 2, 2022 at 10:16 am

Ugadi Festival Full Form

The word “Ugadi” is a combination of the two words “age” (age) and “adi” (beginning). Good day, the day is celebrated with great gusto and gusto. People from every sector of society enjoy the day by wearing new clothes and eating delicious dishes. Prayers are offered in temples to welcome the New Year as people clean their homes and decorate with Rangolis – the traditional way of decorating the floors by creating different patterns with colored rice or flower petals.

How is Ugadi celebrated?

Ugadi preparations begin one week in advance, including home swatch cleaning and purchasing new clothes. In Uganda, it is a tradition to bathe before sunrise and after a massage with sesame oil. Ugadi is a joyful festival that symbolizes growth and prosperity. On this day, some people make a dish with six different tastes. They believe that life is a mix of different emotions, and that each emotion is like a taste with six flavors. This particular dish called Ugadi Pachhadi has a popular delicacy. It includes all six tastes.

A bit about the history of Ugadi

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma created the universe on this very day. Then they created days, weeks, months and years. Therefore, Ugadi is believed to be the first day of creation of the universe.

Ugadi 2022 Greetings

  • May this Ugadi bring you a new attitude, a new beginning and a new prosperity. Best of luck to you
  • As you savor the Ugadi pachadi, we wish your New Year to be filled with all the rich flavors of life! Best wishes to you
  • Let us welcome Ugadi with great hope, enthusiasm and anticipation. Let us look forward to happiness, contentment, peace and prosperity.
  • The tradition of Hindu culture is to live long and as generations pass from Hindu culture, it is growing and strengthening, let it continue. Greetings to Ugadi.

Importance Of Ugadi

The word Ugadi comes from the Yugadi word. Importantly, the term age is a combination of two classic words: era, i.e. age or period; And Adi, that means the beginning of something else. So, Ugadi means New Year’s Eve. This festival is of great importance for the people who celebrate this festival to recognize the work of Lord Brahma. The Lord is entrusted with the Creator of the ages and is worshiped on the feast day.

How is Ugadi celebrated?

The celebration begins one week before Ugadi’s day. People start swatch cleaning and decorating their homes. Most home entrances are decorated with colorful Rangoli patterns because it is believed that the New Year will be as bright and colorful as the different colors of Rangoli.

People often wake up before sunrise, routinely bathe in oil and wear new clothes. Mango leaves are placed in the entrance of temples, houses and shops. Ugadi is also a prolific day to start something new. So, the opening of new businesses and shops and malls is common today.

To celebrate the occasion, special dishes are prepared, including pachadi, a type of chutney, and six different flavors. It is made by mixing neem flowers, chilli powder, tamarind, mango, jaggery and salt. All the ingredients used reflect different aspects of life. Pachchadi is a traditional dish made in most households. Apart from pachadi, dishes like holij and puliyogure are also made, especially in the state of Karnataka.

Another highlight of the festival is listening to the calendar – the upcoming year’s forecast, as stated by priests, astrologers or senior members of the family. Apart from these, cultural programs are organized in the states.

Traditional practices such as exchanging gifts among family members and relatives are also common.

Ugadi signifies leaving the past and embarking on a new phase in life with a positive frame of mind. The joyful feast Ugadi sees people at the forefront of peace, happiness and prosperity.

Best Ways To Revel Ugadi 2022

Do you know You can prepare yourself greeting cards during the festival. Women design attractive rangolis in front of their homes. This is one of the main features of the festival. Many people want to buy something expensive and pray for prosperity. Day tells you to start something new. For example, the day of celebrating Ugadi is considered the best day to build a new home or buy a property.

Ugadi Panchangam

  • According to the Panchangam, Ugadi is celebrated by the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (the brightest fifteenth day of the Hindu month of Chaitra).
  • The tithi tithi must prevail at sunrise of the day.
  • In the event that 2 days of sunrise is a testament, the first day is considered a celebration.
  • If the tithi tithi does not prevail at any sunrise, the day when the tithi begins.
  • Ugadhi is not celebrated in the Mass (an additional month is added after every 32 months, 16 days and 8 days). In Sanskrit, the day of Ugadi is called Chaitra Pure Padiyami.

Ugadi Celebrations

Preparations for Ugadi are a week ahead. People clean and renovate their homes. Shopping for new clothes and the necessary items for the festival are done. People bathe before sunrise and decorate the entrance and windows with fresh mango leaves. Tying mango leaves has a story:

Karthikeya and Ganesha, sons of Shiva-Parvati, were very fond of mangoes. To welcome prosperity and good harvest, the Kartikee people insisted on having mango leaves on their doors.

People spray the area with cow dung mixed water and make colorful rangolis in front of their homes. The New Year begins with the blessing of God by worshiping God. People worship the gods to their advantage.

People from different parts of the Deccan Plateau of India celebrate Ugadi with great enthusiasm. Magnificent .and relatives gather at the party. The festivities begin with an early morning oil bath.

Ugadi Delicacies

Some people have 6 different tastes of food these days. With 6 tastes, they believe that life is a mix of different emotions and that each emotion is like a taste. Ugadi pachadi is a popular delicacy for this particular day. It includes all 6 tastes. However, the recipe varies slightly from region to region, although the following are common ingredients:

Ingredient Taste Emotion
Neem Buds/Flowers Bitter Sadness
Jaggery/Gur Sweet Happiness
Green Chilli/Pepper Hot Anger
Salt Salty Fear
Tamarind Juice Sour Disgust
Unripened Mango Tang Surprise


People in Karnataka have this delicacy called Bevu Bella. Ugadi pachadi is eaten as sacred food today. This is the first thing people eat at this festive celebration. In some places people take neem leaves with jaggery.

Many more dishes are made per day. One of them is / holij / puran poli. It is a roti filled with gram and sugar / jaggery paste; Topped with clarified butter (ghee) or milk. Some people use coconut milk instead of dairy milk.

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At a later date, people collect horoscopes and ask for the details of the New Year Panchangam from a senior or responsible person.

In some places, the poet Summelain (Poetry Program) is also organized. Some experts demonstrate Ashtavadhanam, Sattavadhanam and Sahasravadhanam in this context. This is a very rare skill. In this, a person must remember the harsh poems presented by the 8, 100 and 1000 experts of literature; And the order of the verses must be correct. A person should recite all the verses in a poetic way. It is held at the end of the event.

Ugadi In Various Regions

People from Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Konkani communities pronounce this festival as Yugadi. Telugu people know either way Ugadi or Ugadi depending on their locality and community. In Maharashtra, most people know this day as Gudi Padwa.

The Ugadi festival is known by various names in different parts of India. Below are some of them:

  • Samvatsar Podvo between Konkani, Goa and Kerala
  • Karnataka The Konkani people of Karnataka know this as Yugadi
  • Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
  • Maharashtra Gudi Padwa of Maharashtra
  • Thapna in Rajasthan
  • Kashmir The Navreh of Kashmir
  • Sajibu Nongma Panba or Meetai Cheeraba of Manipur
  • Chaitra Navaratri for the North Indians begins from today.

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