Uncontrolled inflation exacerbated peoples’ problems during the Corona period, causing the price of pulses, oil and gas

Amid the second wave of corona, unbridled inflation has made the plight of ordinary people miserable. With millions of families facing financial crisis from job losses and closing businesses, it is difficult to manage the kitchen budget. In the last one year, the prices of essential food items have gone up by 40 to 100 percent. The highest increase in mustard oil has been reported. Mustard oil is priced at Rs 200 per kg in many states.

After Corona, the cost of essential goods has increased in this way

Foodstuff February 1, 2020 30 April 2020 February 1, 2021 May 15, 2021
Rice 34 35 29 30
Flour 27 28 24 24
Chickpea Lens 73 86 68 77
Pigeon pea 95 106 100 117
The Urad Dal 110 114 105 120
Moong Dal 105 115 110 107
Sugar 40 40 37 38
Mustard oil 133 132 149 176
Palm oil 108 99 113 131
Potatoes 24 30 18 19
Onion 50 30 40 25
Tomatoes 28 31 24 17

Source: Department of Consumer Affairs (Price Monitoring Division) Price: per kg in Delhi

The trouble has increased since the lockdown

If we look at last year’s and this year’s lockdown, there was a peak in this period. It has increased people’s problems. The highest inflation occurred in edible oil prices. Prices in the free market have doubled compared to last year. According to statistics from the Consumer Ministry’s Price Monitoring Division, between April 1 and May 20, the oil price of governments was Rs 30 per kg. This increase in Port Blair was Rs.

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Petrol and LPG have also increased the burden

During the Corona era, not only foodstuffs but also high prices of petrol-diesel and LPG worked to increase the burden. In many places the price of petrol is Rs 100 per liter. Between January 1 and May 31, the petrol price will be around Rs 10.30 and the diesel price will be Rs 11.28. At the same time, the price of LPG is around Rs 900 per cylinder.

Inflation does not stand still: experts

Inflation will haunt the country for the next few months. According to experts, inflation will start to decrease by the middle of this year and if everything goes well, it will only be able to fall by the end of the year because demand and supply will be impacted by a second wave. Many experts have expressed concern that if the lockdown and curfew are not handled properly, food inflation will also increase.

Government should stop selling black

Amid the Kurana crisis, inflation is ruining the kitchen budget. When Hindustan spoke to housewives in rural areas, including Delhi, Patna and Lucknow, he said the prices of everything used in the kitchen, including edible oil, fruits, vegetables and pulses, had increased. Prices have skyrocketed. No pulse is less than Rs 100 per kg. On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to run a home because Corona’s income is low. Housewives believe hoarding and black marketing people are behind the price hike. The government should take action against such people as soon as possible.

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