Unnao: A bus from Delhi to Bahreacht has flown uncontrolled, 20 passengers injured, 8 injured

A major road accident occurred on Sunday morning in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. A double-decker bus bound for Bahrain from Delhi flipped uncontrollably near Unnao. At least 20 passengers were injured in the crash, of which eight are in serious condition. It is said that the driver had a nap and then the bus uncontrollably collided with the divider.

According to information, there were about 82 passengers on the double-decker bus from Delhi to Bahraich. Early Sunday morning, near the Bangaldou area, on the expressway, near the village of Sirdarpur, No. 227, the driver uncontrollably blinked and collided with the divider. All passengers who were at the scene of the crash shouted. The 20 people aboard were seriously injured in the incident. He was taken to the Community Health Center in Bangormou, where all were taken to the District Hospital.

Names of injured passengers
– Najish (19 years old), Bahreich
– Vineet (24 years), Gonda
– Shyama (16 years) and Myra 8 (year), Delhi
– Saffron (28 years), Barabanki
– Manajia (11 years), Barabanki
– Its jewelry, Barabanki
– Storm (17 years), Bahreich
– Excerpt, Bahreich
– Rajni, Bahreich
– Raju (16 years), Bahreich
– Ibaleli (26 years), Bahreich
– Jaffna (54 years), Delhi
– Mo. Faheem (26 years), Bahreich
– Bhawanidin, (47 years), Mahoba
– Mubarak (56 years), Bahreich
– Saw Hussein (28 years), Bahreich
– Dheeraj Gaur, Bahreich
– Mo. Usman (45 years), Bahreich
– Prahlad (25 years), Bahreich
– Jamuna Prasad (65 years), Bahreich
– Idris, Bahreich
– Myra (8 years), Delhi