UP: 69000 reservation in teacher recruitment process ignored

The National Backward Classes Commission has considered a reservation in the recruitment of 69000 assistant teachers in the council’s primary schools in Uttar Pradesh. An interim report by the Vice-President of the Commission, Dr Lokesh Kumar Prajapati, quotes the district list submitted by the state government and shows that the appointments have been made to the unqualified candidates instead of the reserved candidates. There has been a complete violation of the reservation policy in the selection process.

The state’s answer to the commission is fraught with contradictions and is based on messages and. The state has failed to show how and in what ways the reservation rules have been implemented in the current selection process. The class of candidates selected is not included in the final selection list. However, when the lists were published by district, the category of candidates selected was mentioned.
There is widespread irregularity in the selection process based on the lists published in all the districts and the candidate’s class. Of the 18598 seats reserved for OBC candidates, 5844 seats were given to non-OBC candidates instead of OBC candidates, thus violating the rights of OBC candidates.

However, the Commission has made it clear that if these parties wish to amend any interim report in relation to any of the above, they will be given 15 days. After that the report will be considered final. Amarindra Singh, who represented the case in the commission, says the report will be tabled in court proceedings.