UP Board: Candidates reduced in high school and inter in Gorakhpur-Basti division for 2021 exam

In Gorakhpur-Basti Mandal in UP Board Examination 2021, there were 11379 students in the high school, while in the intermediate there were 16540 students. Departments and experts are recognizing this as the impact of Corona and the trend of students who have passed class X in the countryside towards employable technical education. However, to increase the number of candidates, the department is planning to give the students another chance for the third consecutive time.

The UP Board administration started the registration process from June 9. In view of the situation in Corona, the registration deadline was increased twice on 5 August and then 10 September. But the result is not pleasant. The department says that if the students were not provided more opportunities by extending the registration date, this number could have been reduced considerably. Now there is talk of giving another chance.

Taking the example of Basti district, 42017 were registered in high school in 2019, while this year the number has increased to 42167 in 2020. Where 34711 was registered in Inter last year, this year the number has been reduced to 34138. At Maharajganj, the situation is reversed. There are only 72 students in the high school, while the number of 3970 students in Inter has increased compared to last year.

The maximum decline has been in Gorakhpur district. As of 2019, there have been 11961 students in high school. At the same time, there has been a decrease of 5837 students in Inter this time compared to last year.

Increasing inclination towards employable education
DIOS Dr Brij Bhushan Maurya says that for a few years here, especially the tenth pass in the countryside area is paying first attention to ITI and then to Polytechnic. Householders and they believe that the sooner they get employment, the better. This is also an important point behind the decrease in the number of students in inter. It is said that in view of the Corona period, the last date was extended twice, giving the board candidates an opportunity for registration. Despite this there is some difference in numbers compared to last year.

Corona has a decrease in the number of examinees
President Sarvishta Mishra, winner of the Rashtriya Teachers Medal, says that due to the online examination form being filled, most of the students did not leave the house. Or simply say that as a precaution his parents did not let him get out of the house. Another reason may be that still students from rural areas do not know how to fill the online form. There are also cyber cafes.

District High School 2020 Inter 2020 High School 2019 Inter 2019
Township 42167 (+150) 34138 (-573) 42017 34711
Siddharthnagar 31416 (-6171) 20547 (-154) 28245 20701
Santakbirnagar 30743 (+958) 22959 (-2259) 29785 25218
Gorakhpur 66947 (-11961) 62867 (-5837) 78908 68704
Maharajganj 41399 (-72) 36367 (+3970) 41471 32397
Kushinagar 57003 (-4107) 42000 (-5927) 61110 47927
Deoria 74937 (+482) 65973 (-5760) 74455 71733


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