Use ginger to boost immunity, mark ginger as real or fake

Tips for testing real or fake ginger: To avoid corona outbreaks, everyone today is taking precautions and stressing to keep their immunity strong. Whether it is a nutritious food eaten to protect the immune system strong or a decoction, ginger is used in both respects. In addition to enhancing the taste of ginger food, its regular intake helps keep the person away from many infections. But this only happens when the ginger purchased from the market is real. Yes, the ginger you buy from the market is not real. Fake ginger is a kind of mountain source that is difficult to identify. With the help of these tips you will learn how to easily distinguish between real and fake ginger.

The main difference between the root of the hill and the ginger-
The ginger and hill roots look the same. Despite this there is a huge difference between the two. When you bring ginger to your nose, you get a very strong and intense flavor, which is the mark of a true ginger. At the same time, the fake ginger does not smell. You can relish it by looking at a little bit of real ginger. Its taste will tell you that it is real or fake.

Identify with ginger peel-
Be sure to peel off the ginger before buying it. By injecting nails into a real ginger, its peel comes out instantly and you have an intense scent on your hands. But if ginger skin is too hard, you should avoid buying it because it is not ginger.

Stay away from pure ginger too.
If you want to buy pure ginger instead of earthy ginger, then change this habit. It can also be a trap that can harm your health. In fact, shopkeepers nowadays use a type of acid that switches to ginger. By washing with such ginger acid, it becomes more visible in appearance. But this pure ginger can cause more harm to your health.