Vehicle Ownership Transfer: A nominee can only be purchased when buying a vehicle, a major change in motor vehicle rules

Vehicle Ownership Transfer: Today, major changes have been made to the Motor Vehicle Act, which directly benefits motorists. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways today made a major change in the Central Motor Vehicle Regulations (1989). Only when buying a car or bike can the vehicle owner nominate the person on the registration certificate. It goes a long way to transferring the vehicle.

If the owner of the vehicle dies, it is easy to transfer the vehicle in the registration certificate in the name of the nominee. Generally, after the death of the vehicle owner, the process of transferring the vehicle to someone else’s name is quite complicated. Not only that, but the rules were different in different states.

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But according to the ministry’s new rule, the nominee can only be announced when purchasing a vehicle, or the nominee can be added to the online vehicle as a second honor Vehicle owners need to apply online. To declare a nominee, the vehicle owner must also submit a nominee identification card.

Instructions to give within 3 months:

According to data released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, if the vehicle owner dies, their death will be reported to the authority within 30 days. In addition, a person named in the vehicle registration certificate must apply by filling out Form 31 to transfer the vehicle to the Registration Authority within 3 months of the person’s death. The vehicle owner can then change the nominee as they did in vehicle-related matters.

Explain that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways proposed to amend the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 on November 27, 2020 for the convenience of the vehicle owner to register the person on the registration certificate. It is being said that the government has invited suggestions and feedback from the public and all stakeholders on the proposed amendment.