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Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online – The online streaming platform Ullu hosts Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 web series, whose entire range of episodes is available for viewing. The public and critics alike have lauded the presentation, a comedy-drama series whose final three installments were published on the 14th of March 2023. Earlier, aficionados took a shine to preceding Ullu web series for their ability to regale them with absorbing stories and spellbinding portrayals.

Ishika Bose, Ekta More, Pooja Sinha, and Arita Paul take up the top-billing roles in the Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 web series, which consists of four to six episodes, each with a runtime of 25 to 30 minutes.

To catch Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 in its entirety, all episodes are accessible for streaming through Ullu App. In the past, Ullu App rolled out the Imli web series, featuring Nehal Vadoliya in prominent roles. Mohan Chabiwala web series is designed in the same pattern as the Jalebi Bai web series, closely resembling pulp fiction style in which storylines interconnect.

If you’re interested in viewing all the episodes of Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 web series, they are available to watch online on the Ullu App. Notably, the Ullu App previously released the Imli web series which featured Nehal Vadoliya in a pivotal role. In a similar vein, the Mohan Chabiwala web series incorporates elements of pulp fiction with interconnected storylines, akin to the Jalebi Bai web series.

Mohan Chabiwala Web Series Cast

Role NameReal Name
Mohan ChabiwalaGaurav Kumar
RitikaIshika Bose
KantaEkta More
VijayDilip Dubey
AmritAniruddha Pratap
MansiPooja Sinha
Mansi’s BoyfriendSwagat
VivekNishant Tyagi
MohiniArita Paul
Chotu Chai WalaAli
SaurabhSandesh Yadav

Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 Web Series Story

The first episode of Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 web series begins with a dream sequence in which Mohan Chabiwala, played by Gaurav Kumar, imagines himself playing with Arita Paul’s character in the shower. The chemistry between Gaurav and Arita is impressive, making it one of the most captivating scenes of the Ullu web series.

As the dream sequence ends, we see montages of Arita Paul’s character enjoying the local street flea market. However, she accidentally realizes that she has lost the key to her house and begins to inquire about keys and key-makers from various vendors.

In episode 2 of the Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 web series, Arita Paul seeks the help of Mohan to get into her house. Mohan takes advantage of the situation and invades her private space while she was having a romantic moment with her boyfriend. Mohan records a video of them and uses it to manipulate Arita into having a romantic session with him.

In the third and final episode, the show reaches an epic climax where Mohan falls for a trap set up by a crossdresser. This is a karmic revenge for Mohan, who had fooled many women in the past.

Mohan Chabiwala Part 2 web series features a talented cast, including Ishika Bose, Pooja Sinha, Ekta More, and Arita Paul, who deliver captivating performances. Ullu promises to bring more exciting web series similar to Mohan Chabiwala Part 2.

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