What Indians Look for in Online Casinos

Online casinos are rapidly growing all over the world currently. In Asia, they are one of the leading forms of entertainment. There are many reasons for that statistic, including youth involvement. 

However, government legislation is the biggest factor. Knowing that the government isn’t against rightful online gambling boosts everything. 

Online casinos in India

India is the leading country in Asia per online casinos. Knowing online casinos are a big deal in India means one thing in particular. Indians are spoilt for choice. 

When there are that many options, you have to get picky. You start to get specific about what you want an online casino to have before you join. 

Whatever you base your choice on is personal. It could depend on your state of mind, and financial status among other factors. There are some basic features that the best online casinos in India should have. They include:

1. Games and Software Providers

The whole point of joining online casinos is to play games. Previously, when the world hadn’t digitized, options were limited. Traditional casinos had games that could only be played physically. 

These days, online casinos have thousands of virtual games. Indians love casinos that will give them a wide variety to pick from. First, there are many good developers in India. This means that top games should not be a shortage. 

However, the main reason there have to be many games isn’t that. It is to cover the risk of boredom or dissatisfaction. If you try a game and you don’t like it, a substitute should always be available. 

Other than that, some of us just like trying out new things. In this case, it is games. Each category of games should have thousands of games under it. 

Some casinos prefer to have a certain selection of games per genre. This is a very risky move. It limits your options to pick, and nobody likes that.

2. Bonuses

The first thing most of us look at when getting a new casino is the bonuses offered. No matter which job you do, you will always appreciate a freebie. These bonuses are normally advertised to us before we register at a casino. 

Meaning it is a common thing in all casinos in India. However, some casinos go the extra mile. They value you as a customer and will reward you occasionally with good incentives. Other casinos just offer basic bonuses that all casinos offer. Once you join such casinos, you miss out on a lot.

Bonuses can be classified into a few categories. The first one is a welcome bonus. It is given by almost all casinos to new clients. It could be in form of free spins or a cash amount. That will depend on the casino. Another type of bonus is known as a cashback. 

There are different types of this bonus. In one of them, you are given back the transaction fee you used. It is normally applicable only for deposits and not withdrawals. The loyalty bonus is another type of bonus that can be offered. 

This one is given after playing for a given period in the casino. It could range anywhere between a year and two years minimum. A good Indian casino will offer all of these bonuses.

3. Quality

When dealing with online casinos, two issues come up. Quality of games over quantity. A good argument can be put up for this statement. However, you should believe that both can be achieved at the same time. It is in your best interests too. 

We have already looked and the quantity, and now we focus on quality. It is a broad spectrum when it comes to quality. First, is the general look of the interface. It has nothing to do with games but it is important. An attractive interface makes you feel more comfortable which is vital.

However, the main thing to focus on in terms of quality is the graphics. If you compare a game with high graphics and a normal one, the former is considered high quality. Such games are the backbone of an online casino. 

They are the whole reason we moved to online casinos. Indians look for games with 3D or HD graphics to entertain them. Casinos with more of these games have more customers.

4. Security

Whenever dealing with anything online, there is always a security risk. There is always a dark cloud looming over you. Wondering if you are vulnerable to attacks. This has been experienced a lot. Especially when online casinos were starting. 

Hackers were always ready to attack a weakly protected casino. Nowadays, everyone is keen to know if they are safe. If a casino has been through anything of the sort, its reputation is tarnished. They lose credibility because you know if you will be safe in such conditions.

Casinos, therefore, have found ways to adapt. Hiring the best cyber security companies in the business is a viable option. Also, there is the implementation of two-step authentication. 

This makes it harder for people to try and hack you. You can also conduct background checks to confirm how safe you are in any casino. 

5. Device options

India is a very populated country. There are numerous upsides and downsides to this. One of the downsides is technology is harder to advance. It can be advanced, but reaching a common citizen becomes a problem. 

Therefore, you have to cope with what is available. In most places, what is available is smartphones. Indians, therefore, look for casinos that support smartphones.

You may even like it better when it is an app. This is because it saves on the consumption of data and it’s fast. Online casinos have coped well with trying to operate on smartphones. 

It has however not been easy. Some games can still only be played on higher electronic devices. Apps are still upcoming but will get there with time.


Those are some of the basic features every casino in India should have. Some are a bit advanced, but not too extravagant. A good casino should offer the average Indian all of the above.

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