WhatsApp brought a new feature, now photos and videos are viewed in larger sizes

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has released a new feature for its users. After the update released by the company, now photos and videos appear larger than ever in WhatsApp chat. The company announced the feature via a tweet, as well as an example of how the new feature will appear.

In fact, when a photo is sent on WhatsApp, its preview appears in square shape. That is, if the photo is long, it is cropped in the preview. To view the photo in full, you had to open it. However, now that the photo has been downloaded, you should be able to see the image completely without opening it. The image size preview also looks the same.

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Aside from photos, this feature has also been released for videos. While this is certainly useful, this is not a big change for WhatsApp. WhatsApp for iOS users introduced last month with the updated version 2.21.71 in the App Store. It seems that this feature is now available to all WhatsApp users.

Twitter is also working on this feature

Recently, Twitter has also begun to examine full view photos on the timeline. Currently, half the image posted in the tweet appears. Users must tap on tweet to see the full picture. When creating a tweet, a new feature post will appear, even after posting.