Who is Nikita Jacob? Delhi Police have issued a non-bailable warrant against the toolkit case

Delhi Police have issued a non-bailable warrant against Nikita Jacob and Shantanu, activists in the Greta Thornburg Toolkit case. Delhi Police alleges that both toolkits were involved in the case. Nikita Jacob, a career lawyer, went to Bombay High Court for interim protection against police actions. The lawyer’s appeal will be heard in the High Court tomorrow.

According to a report by news agency ANI, the special cell team visited Nikita Jacob’s home four days ago. His electronic gadgets were investigated. According to ANI, Dhaliwal, founder of the Poetic Justice Foundation, contacted Nikita Jacob through her colleague Puneet, who lives in Canada. The idea was to create a storm on Twitter before the Republic Day. A zoom meeting was held before the Republic Day, which was attended by Mo Dhaliwal, Nikita, Disha and others.

Delhi Police are investigating whether Disha, Nikita and others were also involved in a fake news dispute that killed the farmers during the Republican violence. Fake news goes viral on Twitter that Delhi police shot and killed a young farmer during a rally. However, after the post-mortem report, it became clear that he had been injured and died as a tractor rolled over.

Who is Nikita Jacob?

Nikita Jacob is a lawyer by profession and fights in court for civil disputes. His Twitter handle is currently locked, with “Advocate, Bombay High Court” written on his bio. Nikita Jacob is an activist for lifting social justice and environmental protection issues. She writes about herself on her website, she likes to stand up for what is right and wrong but inadvertently makes mistakes. She also wrote that she can be easily influenced.

Nikita Jacob describes herself as an aspiring writer and singer. He is an amateur photographer and cook. He writes further, ‘I do not want to discriminate between classes. I can easily communicate and connect with people of any age and background. ‘Nikita is a born Catholic and lives in Mumbai. She and Shantanu had mentioned her name at a press conference on Sunday when she was informed of Disha Ravi.