Why BGMI Lite release date announcement in December seems unlikely

Why BGMI Lite release date announcement in December seems unlikely? In recent times, BGMI Lite has become a hot topic in the Indian smartphone gaming community. Many smartphone gamers are waiting for the official Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite version. Many influencers and gamers have commented on the introduction of BGMI Lite in India.

But unfortunately, till now, the developers of Battlefield Mobile India have not provided any information about the official release of BGMI Lite in India. That is why many users went to social media to get some information about Battlefields Mobile India Lite.

The BGIS Grind League stage is now underway and many fans are listening to the Battlefield Mobile India Lite announcement on live streams.

BGMI Lite launch Date in India

A new poll by Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official Discord channel points to the potential for Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite. Channel moderators raised a question: “Why (if you want) the BGMI Lite version?” In the poll. Some people can not play BGMI on low cost phone, some players want to see high quality graphics, frame rates and performance in BGMI Lite, players are spending money on PUBG Mobile Lite and people are waiting to use it through transfer if they want maps and skins in BGMI Lite version.

The reasons Krafton mentions are correct. Many players of PUBG Mobile Lite have urged Krafton to launch a dont-down version because they are more comfortable playing it. Although the developers claim that Battlegrounds Mobile India has a system requirement of 2GB RAM or less, this will allow some low-end phones to support gaming, but fans of PUBG Mobile Lite adhere to their position. That means Krafton’s new poll is on BGMI Lite cards, and it could be an occasion for fans to celebrate.

BGMI Lite may be a PUBG mobile, but I expect it to be an audited version similar to Forgrounds Mobile India. Grafton turned the bleeding into green feathers and battlefields transformed the incarnations into full-fledged mobile India to the satisfaction of the Indian government and game critics. PUBG Mobile was banned last year because of a completely different reason for contacting a Chinese company. Although Krafton confirmed that he no longer had any ties with China, it was extended to heed some suggestions. BGMI Lite may come with those changes.

For now, there is only hope that BGMI Lite will ever be fulfilled. However, if Krafton can gauge that there is great interest in this “lite” version of Battlefields Mobile India, there may be a reason for fans to rejoice soon.

BGMI Lite release date announcement in December

You can see the ‘Lite’ version of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) game which is designed to work on low cost devices. A poll was recently released on the official BGMI Descart channel, asking users why they prefer the ‘lite’ version of the popular Battle Royale game. It should be noted that developer Krafton has not yet released any details of a possible BGMI Lite release. However, since its launch in July, players have been clamoring for a less resource-intensive version of the game.

The official Discord channel for BGMI released a poll on November 16 asking users to choose the ‘BGMI Lite’ version, which was first discovered by MySmartPrice. An option specifies the inability to run Battlegrounds Mobile India on a lower priced device, while gamers who want better frame rates and performance in the Lite version may choose the second reason. The third option, for users who want to change the presence of purchased items in PUBG Mobile Lite, is the last option “I like the maps and skins in the (lite) version”. Polling ends tonight at 9:30 PM IST.

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