Why did Kamal Nath ask Shivraj Singh for a 2008 bicycle? Laugh at home

On the fifth day of the budget session in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly, a heated argument broke out between Mama Shivraj and opposition leader Kamal Nath. One such incident occurred at home when the two leaders came and stopped at Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s bicycle. During this discussion, there was a sometimes confrontational situation and sometimes the laughter and jokes continued.

Let me tell you, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan delivered a speech during the governor’s speech at the House on the ever increasing petrol and diesel prices. At this time, opposition leader Kamal Nath requested CM to give me the wheel you rode in 2008. Shivraj Singh replied, “I will not be able to send that bicycle at any cost, because I have to look after your age.”

In 2008, when the UPA government was at the center of the country and the petrol price was Rs 50 per liter, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the chief minister, protested against the hike in petroleum products. Ministry. At the same time, the Modi government now pays Rs 100 per liter.