Why is Maharashtra Cricket Association looking for the seat where Dhoni’s World Cup winning six was bowled

On 15 August, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said goodbye to his international cricket career. But even today Dhoni’s name is in the news. Constantly Dhoni’s fans are sending messages to his name. This includes not only his fans, but also his teammates and players of the opposing team. Now the Maharashtra Cricket Association is going to take a grand initiative in honor of Dhoni. The MCA wants to reserve a seat in Dhoni’s name in the 2011 World Cup final when Dhoni hit the winning six and the stand in which the ball went.

Dhoni’s seat will be near Sachin’s stand

Dhoni announced his retirement after a brilliant international cricket career of 16 years. But before he retired, Dhoni had done everything for which the responsibility was on his shoulders. Be it the T20 World Cup title, or the 50-over World Cup trophy. Apart from this, Dhoni also achieved India’s captaincy in ICC Champions Trophy and Test. But the most special moment in all of these was the final of the 2011 World Cup. When Mahi won India with his six.

Along with fulfilling the 28-year-old dream of crores of Indians, Dhoni also fulfilled the dream of Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin was playing his last World Cup. Sachin wanted him to be a part of the World Cup winning team. Sachin’s wish was fulfilled only by Captain Cool. Now in the Wankhede Stadium, Dhoni’s seat is going to be close to Sachin’s stand. MCA has said, ‘MCA wants a permanent seat where Dhoni’s name. Where he applied Winning Six in the 2011 World Cup final.

MCA has also reserved seat in the name of Sunil Gavaskar Earlier, the Mumbai Cricket Association had decided to reserve two seats in the name of Sunil Gavaskar and his wife at the Wankhede Stadium. This decision was a birthday gift of Sunil Gavaskar. In fact, when Sunil Gavaskar retired, 2 seats were kept in the Garvare pavilion in his honor. But when the stadium was renovated in 2011, those two seats were not restored. Recently, the MCA once again restored that two seats in the name of Gavaskar and his wife.

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