With inflation shocking since April 1, pockets are slow

The increase in prices of many products since April 1 has a direct impact on the public’s budget. As the cost and import of raw materials is expensive, companies have decided to increase the prices of many consumer goods. In addition, banking and air services also increase the burden on the pocket.

AC-TV is going to be expensive to buy

AC, TV, freeze and cooler prices are set to increase next month. Companies have announced their price hike since April 1. In January this year, prices were up 20 per cent.

Smartphone prices also increase

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced in the Budget that the import duty on mobile devices, mobile chargers, batteries and headphones would be increased by 2.5%. It will come into effect from the new financial year beginning April 1. Companies are going to be a burden to consumers. Market experts say the price of a smartphone can be as high as Rs 500.

Reduces the cost of pocket vehicles

The country’s largest car company Maruti has announced a price hike from April. However, the company has not made any disclosures about how much the price will increase. Similarly, Nissan India and Tata Motors have announced a hike in vehicle prices since April. Vehicle prices could rise three to five percent, market sources said. Meanwhile, two-wheeler Hero Moto has announced the price hike of up to Rs 2,500. Other companies may also increase vehicle prices.

Withdrawal in the postal bank is going to be expensive

At India Post Payment Bank, it is scheduled to withdraw more than 25 thousand rupees and deposit more than 10 thousand rupees. 25 per transaction.

Security duty trauma in flight
The Indian Airport Authority has decided to increase the air safety charge for domestic travel from Rs 160 to Rs 200. Doubles from $ 5.2 to $ 12 (about 900 rupees) for overseas travel.

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