World Esports Cup to See Gamers from India, Pakistan and Nepal Compete in South East Asia’s Premier Championship

South East Asia’s three-nation e-gaming event, dubbed World Esports Cup (WEC ’21), will feature competitors from Pakistan, Nepal, and India.  The World Esports Cup’s main purpose would be to provide players throughout the South Asian region the opportunity to showcase their own nation during the most prominent Battle Royale titles, one that not everybody gets to be doing very frequently in the e-gaming community. The competition will have a prize fund of $100,000. (INR 75 lakhs approx). The growing gaming industry comes to show that this competition and other prominent gaming platforms like the spin casinos online can offer great opportunities to win real money playing games.

The headline company for the debut round would be Infinix Smartphones, and enrollment for WEC ’21 would open on the 23rd of October, 2021, and competitors from all three areas would be able to enroll until November 23. We can assure you that it is going to be one of the prominent e-gaming tournaments. 

WEC Chairman Vishwalok Nath remarked during the introduction of this same World Esports Cup (WEC) that the organizing committee has a good idea of the intensity of any India vs Pakistan match and they are expecting the same amount of intensity in the E-gaming league as well. Furthermore, the organizers are expecting that this Championship will consolidate all the e-gamers from the South Asian regions under one platform. 

The competition will feature a first round against twin open and shut qualifying matches across three different regions to select the top 24 squads out of every country throughout the course of 3 months. Then, each country will compete for the finest 12 teams, which will advance them towards the playoffs. The playoffs will include their top four teams. The leading four squads representing Nepal, Pakistan, as well as India will compete throughout the Grand Finals that determines the finest squad from the countries, based on their plans, teamwork, and tactical abilities. The championship will be broadcast live via India Today’s as well as Aaj Tak’s authorized Facebook and Youtube channels, as well as their own webpages.

Furthermore, Mr. Nath added that the partnership with Infinix Smartphones is going to push the expectations of mobile gaming and esports. He added that mobile gaming has democratized the smartphone technology, which has further given an impetus to esports, bringing it to a global audience. He believes that the WEC Championship is going to tap the untapped charters of the South Asian regions and brings forth a huge (and enthusiastic) response from esports fans. 

During its first installment, the WEC will observe a live stream of over 33 days straight. Infinix Smartphones- the tech giant based off of Hong Kong have already brought up their big guns with new updates and innovations. They are of the belief that their software is going to give this tournament an unparalleled experience in gaming, coupled with smooth interaction. Infinix Smartphones have also brought about a technology named the Dar Link game boost, which not only enhances graphic density, but also smoothes out response time. 

We sincerely hope that this event consolidates gamers from all over the said region. 

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