Worrying to retire, invest in this scheme and pay Rs 9,250 per month

Everyone is worried about their retirement. But by investing in the Vaya Vandana scheme, the prime minister of the central government, any person can retire. Tell us all the details of the Prime Minister’s Vaya Vandana Plan –

Prime Minister Vaya Vandana Plan

The maximum investment that can be made in this project is Rs 15 lakh. If the age of both husband and wife is more than 60 years, then both of them can take advantage of the scheme. One can invest in this project for a maximum of ten years. Pensioners also get a credit facility after completing 3 years.

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Pension selection Interest rate
Monthly 7.40%
Foot 7.45%
Half-yearly 7.52%
Annually 7.60%

Who gets the money on the death of the pensioner

The pension will also be paid on the survivor of the pensioner for a period of 10 years, together with the amount deposited. If the pensioner dies, the amount will be returned to the nominee after the death of the pensioner within 10 years of the policy term. If the pensioner commits suicide, the amount deposited is returned.

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How to invest

You must visit LIC’s official website for this project. Or you can take advantage of this through an agent. If you buy this insurance online, you have 15 days to return it and 1 month to buy it online.

What is the plan

If any person invests Rs 1,62,162, he will pay Rs 1 thousand per month for 10 years. Similarly, if someone invests Rs 15 lakh, they will get Rs 9,250. But be careful that once you choose the payment option, you cannot change it again.

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