Xiaomi brings the Mi Water Purifier with Dual RO filtration technology

Xiaomi has released its own new product. This is the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1200G. This water purifier is available for pre-sale in China. The Mi Water Purifier 1200G is priced at 2,999 yuan (approx Rs 34,500) during the pre-sale period. The Mi Water Purifier can be pre-ordered for a deposit of 500 yuan (approx. 5700 rupees). Xiaomi said the water purifier will be available for sale starting July 26.

It takes just 3 seconds to fill a 150 mL glass
The Mi Water Purifier 1200G from Xiaomi comes with the industry’s innovative dual RO filtration technology. The company claims that the water distribution speed of the Mi Water Purifier 1200G is 3.2 liters per minute. According to the company, it takes about 3 seconds to fill a 150 mL glass. At the same time, the 1-liter kettle fills out perfectly in just 18.9 seconds.

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8 level deep filtration in the purifier
The company says that waste water filtered from the main RO filter elements is filtered by the auxiliary RO filter. The ratio of clean and waste water in the lift mode is 5: 1. At the same time, the ratio of pure and wastewater is 3: 1 in the standard order. Waste water can be used to wash and dishes dishes. Also, waste water can be applied to plants. The Mi Water Purifier 1200G8 comes with a deep filter that can easily filter out bacteria, heavy metals and disinfectant products.

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