Xiaomi Smarter Living 2022 event on August 26, with many new products to be entered

Xiaomi will be doing her Smarter Living 2022 event this month. The company’s annual event begins on August 26 at 12 noon. The company releases many of its ecosystem products every year at this event. The company has begun teasing the products that will be entered at this year’s event.

5-6 new products may come
According to Money Control and India Today reports, Xiaomi has confirmed that it will launch a high-end Wi-Fi router at the event, along with a security camera, Mi Band 6 and Mi Notebook. In total, the company will introduce 5-6 products in 2022 of Smarter Living.

There will be new products for many categories
The new products to be announced will feature gadgets in the entertainment, communications and security segments. Except for Mi Band 6, there is not much information on the features and specifications of the products that the company has announced about its launch at the event.

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Built-in webcam in the new Mi Notebook
Xiaomi has only revealed about the Mi Notebook offered at this event, as this laptop comes with a backlit keyboard and built-in webcam. Both are very special features, and both are missing in the Mi Notebook 14 and Mi Notebook 14 Horizon edition released last year.

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New Mi TV can come
Apart from these products, Mi TV India is also pursuing a product. In such a situation, it is speculated that the company’s new Mi TV or any Mi TV streaming device will be introduced on the show. Also, speaking with India Today, the company has confirmed that it will also bring Truly Wireless Earbuds, which will be released after the event.

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