Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha searches Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha searches Rudra

With Balaraj and Sharda, Prisha searches Rudra in her room and when she does not find him, she has to inform him last night. Sharda asks, don’t worry they should be somewhere. Saransh is also missing, as Preish says. She checks Rudra’s passport and he definitely takes Saransh to the airport and flies him somewhere. If Mahima learns about this, she files a kidnapping case against Rudra and arrests him. Balaraj called the police commissioner and explained the situation.

Commissioner asks Saransh to stop him there. Balaraj says Rudra is already heading to the airport and is requesting the commissioners to stop there and not let the new leak in the media. Rudra Saransh takes him to the airport and tells him that he is going on a vacation to London.

Saransh was delighted and hoped Prisha could go with Mamma. Balaraj drives a car with Sharda and Prisha towards the airport. Mahima checks Rudra’s social media account and is horrified to see the tag that he is going on a vacation with Saransh, thinking how he might go in a court case. She calls Prisha and asks how Rudra can take Saransh and where he is going.

Prisha says she is taking Saransh abroad. Mahima shouts how he can do it and she can leave him. Prisha says she will talk to him and try to stop him. Mahima warns Rudra to file a kidnapping case. She called her lawyer and asked her to get a court hearing today because she needed her son and she would file a kidnapping case against Rudra. Balraj says Rudra’s motive is correct, but he is caught in a criminal case.

Saransh waits with him at the Rudra airport and when the flight boarding announces the police go to the gate and says that when the police stop him, he should go to the Korana house with them. Rudra says she should board the plane. The inspector says he got the commissioner’s order. Rudra thinks that Prisha has informed the Papa and Papa Information Commissioner.

The inspector has warned that they will use force if they do not agree. Rudra walks with him. The Inspector asks the constables to drop Saransh to the Khurana House and Rudra to the police station. Prisha arrives at the airport with Balraj and Sharda and finds Saransh with the constables. Saransh requests her to stop the police from escorting Rudra. Balaraj asks the Inspector to leave Rudra as he has already spoken to the Commissioner and there is no crime.

Maheema Srinivasan Rudra has filed a case of kidnapping of her son by calling the Inspector. Preeta says she will talk to Akka. Rudra says he doesn’t need his sister Akka’s favorite and goes away with the police. Balaraj gets a call and tells Prisha that the Mahima court hearing has been postponed till today and that they need to reach the court soon. He sends Saransh home with Sharada and reaches court with Prisha.

The court proceedings begin. Advocates for Mahima contend that Rudra tried to abduct Saransh, so Saransh is insecure and must hand it over to his mother. Rudra’s lawyers argue that Mahima is mentally ill, but Mahima’s lawyer says she has now filed a doctor’s report saying she is mentally ill. The argument continues. Rudra’s lawyer has asked the judge to call Saransh, who is sure that Saransh wants to be with Rudra and Prisha.

Mahima’s lawyers can easily manipulate a 7-year-old child, so his testimony is not considered. The judge ruled that Saransh was unsafe at Khurana House, but Mahema was also mentally ill, but reportedly she is now mentally ill, so the court will grant Saransh her custody on a 6-month trial basis.

Hire a team to evaluate her and if she makes any difference, her arrest will be canceled and if she takes good care of Saransh without any problems, she will be permanently remanded and if anyone tries to do so she can be charged with criminal harm. Mahima thanks her lawyer if Balraj and Prisha are shocked. When Rudra helps her so much, Prisha asks why she did this. Mahima says that Rudra helped her, he tried to kidnap her son and that is why she will not leave him.

Balraj walked to his car. Rudra walks up to him and asks if Saransh got him. Balaraj informed the court that Saransh had been given custody of Mahima for 6 months on a trial basis. Rudra is terrified and says she cannot keep anyone away from Saransh. Balraj intercepted him and says the judge has already issued the verdict. Prisha walks towards Rudra.

Prekap: Rudra accuses Prisha of wanting to send Saransh with Mahima.
Prisha asks God why Rudra is blaming her and prays to show her a way out. She walked down the street and found a photo of Mahima, which was picked up by a man and said she was his Anjali.

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