Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra eagerly waits for Prisha during the party

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra eagerly waits for Prisha during the party

Angry Rudra, after she loses Saransh’s custody case, she wants Prisha to snatch her sister Saransh away from him, he feels helpless when he sees his brother dying, he loses his son and he doesn’t want to see her face again.

Preetha cries as she walks near Balaraj and exits the car. Prisha walks into the temple and repeatedly punishes Devima, asking if she wants the best of all, but Saransh is taken away from her and Rudra; She and Rudra want some way to stay with Saransh; She trusts Devima and she is sure to show her in some way.

She walked out of the temple and into the street when the photo fell in front of her. When a madman picks it up and says it is his picture of Anjali, she bends it, he loves her so much and does not know where she is now, she has seen Anjali. She is shocked to see a picture of Mahima. The man snaps back the picture and says this is his Anjali. She asks why he is telling his Anjali, show her a picture.

Tells him not to give it up and runs away. She wonders why he was calling Mahima’s older sister Anjali if he was really wrong. She gets a reminder of her wedding anniversary 2 days later; Feeling overwhelmed and intending to inform Mahima and request Saransh to one day borrow. She calls Mahima and asks if she is still angry at him, now that Sanarsh is coming to her. Mahima says she won the case, otherwise Rudra was speaking to Saransh abroad.

Prisha pleads on her behalf and pleads with Saransh and Saransh for 2 days. Mahima shouted as if she was mad. Prisha appeals that she and Rudra’s wedding anniversary is 2 days later, so at least the party should leave with Saransh. After the party, Mahima says Saransh will take her with him. Prisha thanks her and calls Rudra to inform him.

Rudra cries over Saransh and her photo, remembers their happy moments, and shouts that they will not let Saransh take them away. Prisha calls him, but he disconnects Kara. She sends him a voice message, Saransh does not shy away from her and she can be prevented if Mahima comes to her place and hears her plan. Rudra rushes to her and asks how she can prevent Mahima.

Prisha says she has spoken to Maheema to be with Saransh for 2 days until their wedding anniversary. Rudra asks if Mahima agrees. Preisha says D already. During Dinner, Sharda learned that Saransh was her grandson just a few days ago and now she has to get away with him. Rudra walks with Prisha 2 days after her wedding anniversary, so she’s throwing a party.

Sarada asks him how he can be when Saransh goes today. Rudra says Prisha convinced Mahima to stay with Saransh till Varsha. Ahana asks who will host the party. Prisha says Rudra. Sharan asks Rudra, why is he doing this when he leaves Saransh. Prisha trusts her and asks her to prepare for the party, hoping that she has something planned that will prevent Mahima from taking Saransh.

She meets Yuvraj and asks if the papers are ready. Yuvraj hands her the papers and asks why she wants witchcraft letters. She asks what he says. He asks if she thinks Rudra agrees to witchcraft her and sign the papers. She knows how to get Rudra’s sign, he should be ready tomorrow.

He returns home and Rudra returns home from shopping. Rudra keeps busy. She receives some papers to sign for him, placing Witchcraft letters between them. The next day Rudra gets ready for a party and tells Prasha to get ready soon. Prisha says she will go to the beauty parlor and hand over the witchcraft letters to the court to meet Yuvraj.

PreCap: Rudra eagerly waits for Prisha during the party. Call Ahana Beauty Parlor 1 hour ago Preeta left. Rudra overhears Balraj talking to Prisha on the telephone and asks how he can when her phone is switched off. Balraj says he cannot say anything.

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