Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sharda asks Balaraj what he and Preetha are doing

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sharda asks Balaraj what he and Preetha are doing. Balraj says she cannot say anything. Sarada says that Rudra went to Prisha’s place angrily. He asks if Prisha has found a place. She tells him to go and stop him from doing anything wrong. They both rush towards the wedding hall. Upon reaching the Rudra Wedding Hall, Prisha and Yuvraj are shocked to see that Ferras is taking over.

Pandit pronounces him a husband wife. Balraj and family and Mahim also reach the place. Yuvraj is about to apply Sindoor on Prisha’s forehead, when Rudra shouts to stop, and when Yuvraj tries to marry his wife. Preeta stops him and tells him that she was already married to Tuvaraj and he is now her husband. Rudra is shocked and asks her what it means.

As he has repeatedly said, Yuvraj is her first love. At the party venue, organizers ask Vasu and GPS about Rudra and Prisha as everyone is waiting for the cake to be cut. The GPS says they must be somewhere, they check in with their family. The organizer says the family is not even here. GPS is concerned and hopes nothing will go wrong with the latest incidents involving Saransh. Vasu is also worried.

Back in the wedding hall, Prisha tells Rudra that she loves Yuvraj, so she marries him. Shocked, Rudra asks if she doesn’t love him. She never loved him and so even after his insistence I did not say I love you, he forced her to marry her by trick and now she deceived him and married her beloved Yuvraj.

He tells her that she cannot marry Yuvraj as he is legally married. Ahan asks not to worry about Prisha and tells Prisha that her lawyer boyfriend should know that it is illegal to marry someone else when she is already married. He claims that Yuvraj married Rudra’s signature in the Witchcraft letters and gave her a witch-bait.

Sharada gave her a tight slipper and asked why she had betrayed her son and all of them. Prisha says Yuvraj was sitting at the wedding and her son married her. She asks Yuvraj to issue witchcraft letters and hand it to Yuvraj.

Yuvraj, who has seen his signature in the Witchcraft papers, asks when did he sign it. She got her sign instead of signing the bills, reminiscing about the event. Yuvraj had thrown the papers at the Han fire and Rahul had told him that one day he would betray him.

Prisha says that she will always be with Yuvraj, gaining the trust of Rudra and then betraying him for revenge. Rudra catches Prisha and shouts out why she has betrayed him. Yuvraj pushes him away and warns him not to dare to touch his wife, otherwise he will actually kill him.

GPS and Vasu find the Khurana family at the party location and cannot find them. They worry that Mahima is also missing. GPS calls Mahima informing him that there is a big problem and he should come to the address he sent. He says he cannot leave the party in the middle. They say the party is canceled, so they should tell guests to go home and get here soon.

The GPS informs Vasu the same and asks the guests to send them home. Saransh asks where Mommy, Rudra and the whole family are. He says he has gone somewhere and sends guests to tell him there is a family emergency and therefore the party is canceled. Saransh thinks what’s going on.

Rudra continues to rage at Prisha and asks why she betrayed him and broke his trust. She tells him that he has stolen his trust, marriage, and even all his possessions. Everyone who heard it was shocked.

Prerequisite: Rudra says she can break her heart but Saransh says she can’t get away from him. They say it’s not possible. Rudra says that he married Yuvraj in this pavilion and now he marries Mahima and will keep Saransh with him forever. Mahima says she will not marry him. Rudra says so.

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