Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra asks Prisha not to apologize

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra asks Prisha not to apologize for the drama she has planned. He says he felt bad about playing this witchcraft and property drama. Yuvraj asks himself why he is so tense when he is a doctor and that he has to give bitter medicine to cure illness.

Rudra says Yuvraj is right. Prisha informs her that she has gone to the temple and Matharani has shown her way. She goes to the flashback, where a mad man catches a picture of Mahima and calls her Anjali. She follows him and asks him to tell her about Anjali.

He asks her to feed him first. She feeds him. He thanks her and says he was very hungry because he had no food for 3 days. She seems educated, she tells him what happened to him. He was the CEO of his company and Anjali was his secretary, he fell in love with her and gave her many expensive gifts, they got engaged and suddenly his company lost and he lost his job, a week before his marriage Anjali missed all his money, he has been with her ever since Is looking for.

He goes on to say that he met many people who told a similar story that Anjali cheated and took his money. Preeta wonders how this could happen. The man begs her to take him to Anjali. In a short while, the cops arrive and the man runs away. With a flashback, she tells Rudra how many people Akka can betray, she is now trying to ruin Saransh’s life for money.

Rudra says that he has arrived on time and goes to the flashback, where Maheema takes Saransh and tells Prisha that he cannot live without Saransh. Prisha says she does not have to stay away from Saransh as new evidence is found against Akka. She recounts meeting a madman, how Akka approached him and escaped with his money, he contacted many other men to Akka and took their money.

Rudra says the con-woman should find out more about Mahima and save Saransh. Prisha takes him to a place where he first saw a madman and they see that he is dead from a car accident. Rudra looks at the photo of the man in hand and tries to take it, but the police stop him.

He asks Prisha how he can prove that Mahima is now a con woman. Prisha says she should visit the City Mental Health Clinic in Chennai and find out that Akka was treated there and its really Akka or some con woman who contacted many men. Rudra says she soon rushed to Chennai to learn the truth. Yuvraj says he has executed his plan really fast.

Rudra goes to the flashback, where he reserves the Chennai tickets and arrives at the mental health clinic with Prisha and sees the place burned down. He asks the guard if the mental health clinic has moved elsewhere. Watchman says it completely burned in the fire and reminded the woman of the fire, including hospital staff and patients.

Prisha says it must be akka for sure and asks the watchman if he does not complain. Watchman says he did, but he found no evidence against the woman. Aside from the flashback, Prisha describes her next plan to lure Mahima to the truth. She tells Rudra that they should take the help of their biggest enemy Yuvraj.

They reach Yuvraj’s house, where they are shocked at first, but then when they ask, they need their help. Go inside. Prisha says he should marry her. He is delighted and asks her why she is revealing it in front of the Quran. They say Saransh is a fake marriage. Yuvraj responds. Rudra says that if she considers herself a Saransh goddess, she should help Saransh’s life if she is in danger. Yuvraj agrees, and they explain their plan to him.

Prekap: Mahima kicks a bowl of rice and enters the Khurana Mansion, hoping that her plan is successful and she is now receiving months worth of Saransh’s trust. Ahana tells Saransh that she is married to Rudra Mahim and now Mahima is his momma. Saransh shouts that this is not true, he does not accept Mahima as his mother.

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