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Yeh Hai Chahateen 17 October 2020 Saransh tells Prisha that they have finished their homework. She says she’s so good, he’s clever. He says he is as clever as he and Rudra. He asks what Rudra’s music was like. They say it’s good. He says he is bored and will attend the next concert. Forcing him to meet Rudra. She tells him he is practicing in the room of fame. They say go there. He is disappointed to see Rudra flirting with fame; She tells her to go and bring Rudra. She walks into the hall of fame and knocks on the door. Keerthi opens the door wearing Rudra’s shirt and asks what she’s doing here. Rudra walks shirtless and asks why she came here. She says Saransh wanted to meet him and was coming here so she came to call him. She tells him to let her come in here, shouts at her, and asks him to give her the shirt as Kirti calls her son. She asks to come in first and closes the door. Watching the drama, Yuvraj thinks things will soon change, let Rudra continue her romance, and Prisha herself.

Preeta returns to her room. Saransh asks where Rudra is. She tells him he is coming. Keerthi asks Rudra why he made her wear his coat and why he spoke rudely to Prisha, what is happening, she thought they love each other. Rudra says she wants to hurt Prisha at any cost. He goes back to his room and Saransh gets angry at him. He asks if he should play now, Saransh says he will sleep now since there is a classroom tomorrow. Rudra makes him fall asleep, and Saransh asks him not to go away.

Yuvraj knocks on the door of fame and flirts with her. She asks for a reason to disturb her. They need to discuss something about the music scene and they walk. Then they flirt more. Keerthi claps him tight and warns him to go out. He falls on a chair and is shocked to see a picture of Sarada crossing over in a cupboard. She pushes him out and closes the door. He decides to find out what she does.

At night, Rudra sees Prisha lying on the couch and tries to give her pillow support, but then remembers seeing the video and Rahul urges him and pulls the pillow back. Preeta wakes up and asks if she is going out. He tells the room of fame again. She requests him not to go. He begins to shout, his argument begins, the vase falls down. Saransh wakes up and tells Rudra to go back to bed next to him. Rudra blames Prisha.

The next morning Rudra and the family get ready for the concert. Kirti walks down wearing a short red dress. Rudra praises her. Keerthi says that Prisha is jealous that she has such an adorable husband. After he leaves for the concert, Yuvraj bribes the hotel staff, opens the room of fame and opens the cupboard. He is shocked to see pictures of the entire Koran family crossing over and notice that she is finishing everything. He walked away to find out why Kirti wanted to kill the Korana family. At night, Rudra and family return after the concert. Keerthi holds Rudra’s hand as today’s concert was superhit. They say it will be because their pair are superhit. Saransh walks towards Rudra, leaving Rudra’s hand of fame. Saransh rushes to his room asking him to play with him. Seeing Prisha, Rudra tells her that she will come to her room tonight and fill up her unfinished work.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18 October 2020 Written Issue Update Preliminary:Saransh wakes up and is afraid to look at himself alone.He walks out and is shocked to see Keerthi sitting on Rudra’s lap, asking what’s going on here.Yuvraj takes Prisha to the room of fame and opens her cupboard to show the Khurana family pictures. Prisha says there is nothing there.