Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Prasha is delighted to see Mahima

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Prasha is delighted to see Mahima

Yuvraj provokes Prisha by saying that Rudra slapped her for leaving her on her honeymoon. Prisha loses and says that if he was the reason behind it, she wouldn’t save him. She goes aside and calls someone. Yuvraj thinks that the woman is the reason to leave Nallah Khurana Prisha alone, he should tell Prisha about it; When Fate slaps Prisha, he thinks why should he intervene. Preeta arrives in Delhi and seeing her phone switched off, she feels she cannot call Rudra, so she hires a taxi.

Rudra tells the driver to speed towards the airport. The driver says police will penalize him for speeding. Rudra says I will pay a fine and then drive. The driver says to drive. Rudra is anxiously hoping not to reach home before meeting Prisha. Prisha waits for a taxi. Yuvraj holds her hand from behind. She thinks of it Rudra, but when he sees Yuvraj he warns her to stay away and stop tormenting him. She says she has already booked a taxi and will leave her home. Prisha shouts at the house, but accepts and goes for a taxi. Rudra gets there, sees her going in the car with Yuvraj, calls her and tells the driver to follow Prisha’s cab.

Ahana is getting ready for the designer outfit. Mishka asks if he can’t have a problem at home. Ahana says this is her ritual. They both walk down. Mishka seduces Saransh by crackers. Worried Vasu comes with him.

Yuvraj starts to torment Prisha. Preeta tells him to go and sit down. He says the front seat and dicky are also full. He asks her to use her phone and asks Nallah Khurana, why did he leave her in ya. She angrily tries to throw his phone away, he takes it back. She asks him to stop the cab there. They reach home.

Rudra takes Yuvraj outside and asks why he is tormenting his wife. Prisha informs her that her phone is switched off and she is helping Yuvraj get home because she does not get a taxi. Rudra warns her not to face Yuvraj and takes Prisha inside. Yuvraj stands shouting that he has to endure the torture of Nalla that he has helped Preeta, then feels that Khurana should see the Dhamma in the house.

Ruda says she should talk to Prasha about something because she left y t. Prisha says let’s go inside first. Saransh enters and forces her to come first. Prisha says her son is very important and will listen to it. They say yes. Saransh says the new aunty has come, they have kissed him so much. She asks who it is. Rudra says he was trying to explain her. Prasha walked in and looked at Mahima.

Precap: Prasha is delighted to see Mahima. Mahima says she is really alive. GPS enters and asks Prisha why Vasu called him. Prisha says look at the man who has gone away. Mahima calls him Appa, and he stands there in amazement.