Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ahana tells Saransh that Mahima is her real mother

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ahana tells Saransh that Mahima is her real mother

GPS sees Mahima and becomes happy and emotional and asks if she is alive. Mahima says she is really alive and apologizes for not coming soon. The GPS asks why she didn’t come quickly, she doesn’t know how they lived without her. Mahima tells him how to tell, looking at Saransh and his parents. Sensing his resentment, Rudra calls his parents. Prasha asks where she has been so far.

Mahima says she was helpless; They all know that she loved Rajiv and wanted to marry him, but his wife did not leave her, she became pregnant that Rajiv was coming to her, but his wife refused to spank him; She was depressed and wanted to commit suicide, but she had to live with her child and enroll in child care classes and during the class she was mentally disturbed, so her doctor suggested to visit a psychiatrist and she suggested changing her place; She went to Chennia, where Prisha was reading and Prisha looked after her as she knew about her pregnancy; She had lost all hope and was hoping she was going to die, so she promised Prisha that she would take care of the child like her, and that Prisha had promised her; Then her broken heart stopped beating. She goes to a flashback, where she gives birth to Saransh, whose heartbeat stops and his heart revives when Prisha touches him; Her condition deteriorates and Prisha is forced to give up and take care of the baby and die.

In a flashback, she said she was dead, but when they took her to her last rights, she came back to life; The doctor said it was a miracle and she told her family, but she stopped the doctor because she was mentally disturbed and she did not want to threaten her child. Vasu says she is coming to them. Mahima did not want to worsen her life and even tried to harm the patient even with a mentally disturbed condition, so doctors sent her to a mental health clinic.

At a mental health facility, she attempted to commit suicide by hanging on a fan, but doctors kept her under sedation; She was like a lifeless body for 6 years and when she saw the picture of Rudra, Prisha and Saransh in the paper, she saw a ray of hope and told the doctor that she did not want to be under sedation as she wanted to be healthy and return. Soon to her. She was fine with her vision minus 1 year; The doctor gave her good news that she was perfectly healthy and could return to her world.

She says she wants to return to her normal world and meet Saransh, so she called Rudra many times, but he must have thought she was a mad fan and didn’t answer; She decided to visit the Khurana house and learned that she had gone to Prisha y with Rudra through Yuvraj, so she came to YT with Yuvraj and was always near Prisha. Prisha smoked, thinking that Yuvraj knew everything, but did not inform her.

Mahima has continued to explain her ordeal and now she wants to reclaim Saransh’s responsibility by disseminating and becoming the mother of her son again, so Prisha must return her son to her. Prisha stands as tension. Mahima says she’s alive for Saransh and wants them back.

Precape: Ahana tells Saransh that Mahima is her real mother. Prisha tells Rudra that Mahima is walking with her to take Saransh with her. Rudra tells Mahima that he respects her and regrets what she went through, but she cannot take Saransh.