Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha rushes to find Saransh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha rushes to find Saransh

Rudra Prisha confronts her that he is as important to her as his sister, the last gift of his brother, that he can do no wrong to Saransh at any cost and he can be separated from Prisha but not Saransh, the decision is up to her. At the home bar, Balraj tells Ahana that if Mahima repeatedly dies of attempted suicide, they are in trouble.

Ahana is right, her reputation is in danger, Prisha wants to end her empire, so she should not put Mahima out of the house. Balaraj says how to convince Rudra to be sent out, why should she not convince him. Ahana agrees. GPS returns home.

Vasu asks why he is late and his phone is switched off. GPS felt that he should not tell her about Mahima’s attempted suicide. She asks where Saransh is if she plays outside. Saransh urged him and Mahima to play with him so it was too late and they say Sarang did not bring them with him. She asks if Mahima is fine, he should have taken her to meet Mahima. He tells her she’s fine.

Saransh feels that his parents cannot see him quarreling because of the fake Mamma Mahima, writes to Prisha that he will go back to his grandparents’ house and will return only when the fake Mamma leaves the house and places it on the table in Prisha’s room. He leaves the house while the watchman is asleep and Yuvraj walks in the street when he sees him and thinks where his ATM is going, walks up to him and asks where he is now, he calls Prisha. He asks not to.

Yuvraj takes him to a roadside eatery. Prisha wakes up and wants Rudra to decide between her and Saransh and Mahima, how she can leave Mahima in her life before Rudra. She sits at the table and reads Saransh’s letter saying that she is going to her grandparents’ house and will return only when the fake Mamma leaves the house.

Yuvraj takes Saransh to a roadside eatery and asks him what happened now that he is giving him ice cream. Saransh says that Rudra and Mamma are fighting again because of the fake Mamma Mahima, so he has left the house and gone to his grandmother’s house and will not return until the fake Mamma leaves their home. Yuvraj says Fake Mamma is his real Mamma, so he has to leave the old Mamma Prisha and live with the new Mamma, just as he gets bored with the old toys, he leaves them and plays with the new toys.

Saransh says that Prisha is his real momma and he wants to be with her. His friends greet him and say he came here with his parents. He checks on a friend’s parents and asks who this new aunty is, as his momma knows. A friend says she was his stepmother as her father left her real mother after giving him a large sum of money in alimony. Yuvraj brainwashes Saransh to do the same and sends a fake Mamma with some money so he can be happy with Prisha.

Prisha rushes to Rudra and shows her Saransh’s letter. He calls Vasu and asks if Saransh is there. She says no and they tell her the letter. Vasu was also terrified and went out to find Saransh after telling GPS. Rudra rushes out of the house and sees the watchman lying down, casting his anger on the watchman. They both find Saransh on the roads and meet GPS and Vasu.

Yuvraj leaves Saransh out of the house and asks him to think about his thoughts. Saransh returns home. Sharada embraces him emotionally and informs Rudra by telephone that Saransh is back home. Rudra returns home with Prisha, GPS, and Vasu. They both embrace Saransh emotionally and their family relationship continues. At night, Saransh wakes up from sleep thinking he should get some money and send a fake momma out of his life.

Precap: Sarada tells Prisha to be terrified and Saranish… Prisha rushes to find Saransh. Sharana then told Balaraj that Saransh had fallen down and had broken his leg and head, so Preeta was taken to the hospital. Mahima was shocked to hear that.

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