Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra hospital with Vasu

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra hospital with Vasu

At the Rudra hospital with Vasu, Prisha looks at the family and asks what she is doing here. Vasu asks how they all know about this and got here. Rudra says it was a huge heart attack for Appa. Vasu remembers coming home from Khurana Mansion when he had a GPS heart attack.

She calls Rudra and tells him about GPS heart attack and tells Prisha to come there soon. Rudra feels that Prisha is already tense about Mahima, so he has to go himself and handle the situation. He takes GPS to the hospital, where doctors tell him that GPS suffered a massive heart attack.

Prisha asks how Dad is now. His condition is now stable and looking at his parents Maheema asks what they are doing here, Rudra says who is with Saransh at home. On the other side, Yuvraj arrives at the hospital thinking he must stop Saransh before revealing the truth to his family. Prisha said Sharada fell from her bedroom and was severely injured and is in Saransh Hospital. Rudra is horrified and asks how it happened.

Prisha says Sharana and Balaraj went to his room and tried to steal money from the locker. Mahima reveals that Balaraj threatened to call the police so he jumped out of the window to save himself but was severely injured. Preish says Saransh’s condition is very serious. Rudra confronts Balaraj and asks him how dare he intimidate the little boy. Balaraj says Saransh was stealing his money. Rudra says now its Saransh has his money and can take it.

Maheema accuses Rudra that her father Saransh’s condition is so bad that she is afraid of harming him and is unwilling to take him back to her. Rudra says she can’t do it. Listening to their conversation, Yuvraj reveals that Saransh was responsible for his condition and wanted to steal the money to give it to Mahima and wanted to send her away from her, Prisha and Rudra’s life. Prisha has warned her to stop lying. He brought Saransh home twice and he did not even thank him.

He saw his father living with his father and stepmother after his mother gave him a large alimony, so Saransh planned to steal money from Balaraj and Mahima was taken away from his life. Giving it to send. Rudra tells Mahima that her son does not want to be with her, so she is responsible for his accident. The Dadi walks in and asks Saransh’s father to call her because Prisha needs blood soon. Rudra accompanies her.

Balraj confronts Mahima in front of her, accusing her, but her blood does not match her son’s, and the blood of Rudra, the outsider. Mahima reveals it because Rudra Saransh is his chacha / uncle. Balraj and Sharda are shocked and ask what she means. Prisha tries to stop Mahima. Mahima was married to Prisha by Saransh himself and Rajiv’s son and Khurana’s grandson, Rudra, allowed Saransh to come home and live with his own family; She and Rajeev loved each other and wanted to get married, but Balraj opposed it and before they realized, they were already pregnant; Rajiv died in tension etc. He then blames Balaraj again for Saransh’s condition.

Precape: Rudra looks at her parents anxiously and asks if Sharan is okay. Sharada said he had found Saransh Rajiv’s son. Balaraj hugs Rudra and cries and tells Saransh that he will not forgive her if something happens. Mahima says he will take Saransh with him.

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