Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sareensh returns home with a cure

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sareensh returns home with a cure

Sharana asks Prisha why Saransh did not tell her that she is his grandson. Prisha apologizes and says that it was Rudra’s decision as she did not want to hurt Ahana, who revealed that her husband had an affair with Mahima and had a son by her. Balaraj asks her if Rudra knows that Prisha is not her real mother. Rudra thought she was Saransh’s real mother, so he married and brought Saransh home to get the right he deserved, only after Mahima revealed that he knew she was not Saransh’s real mother; He suffered a lot to protect Saransh.

Sarada emotionally tells Balraj that his grandson was in front of his eyes and he did not know about it. Balraj reminds her to hate Saransh and repeatedly bite. Nurse informs Vasu that her husband is now awake. Yuvraj says it was a miracle. Vasu walks into the GPS room with Prisha and Yuvraj and meets them. Prisha says she is fine now and everything will be alright.

Rudra goes back to her parents and asks about Pransha, if Saransh is fine. Sarada reveals that Saransh is known to be her grandson, Rajiv’s son and Rudra’s nephew. Rudra asks who informed her about this. Sharda says that Mahima has revealed everything and even Prisha has confirmed it. Balaraj cries that his grandson is in front of his eyes and that he is behaving badly with him; Rudra is right that all his wealth belongs to Saransh; He is very young, though old; Rudra fulfilled his responsibility as a senior; If something happens to Saransh, he will not forgive him.

Rudra hugs him and says Saransh is fine. Prisha returns with Vasu and Yuvraj. Balaraj apologizes for misbehaving with her and Saransh. Mahima walks in and says late now, they will not risk Saransh’s life in their home and take him away after he is cured. Rudra tries to talk. Mahima has seen how safe Saransh is at her mother and Saransh’s home, she loves Saransh so much, he will not stay with her, and she will go to Saransh’s custody. Yuvraj says the former judge knows that the mother will easily get custody of the child because she will get custody of Saransh.

Rudra says a mentally ill patient cannot take care of her son. Yuvraj says he will prove that Saransh is not safe in Khurana Bhavan, good Saransh jumped from 1st floor and if he jumped off the terrace he would die. Rudra gets more angry. Doctors tell Rudra, Saransh’s operation is successful and they can visit him in the morning. Balraj embraces Sharada, Rudra, and Prisha emotionally. Yuvraj feels he should quit as he completes his job.

In the morning, the doctors allow Rudra and family to meet Saransh. Prisha emotionally hugs Saransh. Saransh apologizes for bothering her by jumping out of a window for trying to steal money. Prisha asks her not to say so. Doctors inform that only 2 people can live with Saransh. Everyone says they will.

At last Prisha is left behind with Mahima. She asks Saransh if he stole the money to give to Maheema. He had seen his friend’s father give his real mother money and send it to her so he told the fake momma he wanted to send her. Mahima gets hurt and tries to leave. Prisha stops her and tells Saransh that she has got 2 mummies like Krishna and that she should be allowed to express her love to Mahima.

Saransh agrees. Mahima emotionally hugs her. After a while, Rudra walks in and asks Saransh how he is now, hugs him and gives him soup. Saransh says he was angry at Mamma for asking him to leave. Rudra says it was her fault and ready to leave any punishment. Rudra tells him to sit up and says he won’t leave his wife. Rudra obeys. Saransh is delighted.

Prisha and Rudra give them soup. Balaraj looks through the door, unable to muster up the courage to face Rudra. Mahima and Prisha look after them, followed by Sharda and Rudra. The family bond continues. The title track of the serial is playing in the background.

Prekap: Sareensh returns home with a cure. Maheema tells Prisha that Saransh will get ready for online class if Saransh gives permission. Saransh agrees. Prisha brings him milk and does not see him in the room.

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