Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Doctors remove Saransh’s forehead bandage

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Doctors remove Saransh’s forehead bandage. Rudra says his magic, Saransh is completely healed. Doctors say their forehead injury is healing, but a leg injury takes time. Rudra asks Saransh when he can take him home. Doctors say the discharge formalities can be completed and taken home. Rudra takes Saransh home with Prisha and Mahima in a wheelchair. Saransh’s welcome and thanks Rudra for seeing the decorations and toys. Rudra says she has not made these arrangements.

Saransh asks Sharda if she has made these arrangements. Sharda asked him .He asked. Balaraj says who did it, Saransh liked it. Saransh says he liked it. Balaraj asks if he loves toys, he can ask for anything. Saransh says these are their favorite toys and asks if they play with them. Balraj embraces him emotionally and says that if he is taught, he will. Saransh says he will teach him all the games.

Ahana and Mishka are shocked to see Balraj’s changed behavior about Saransh. Mishka says Prisha’s magic. Saransh takes Prisha to prepare him for online class. Ahana asks if she was as good as she hated Saransh before but is now pampering them. Balraj thinks he made a mistake by scolding Saransh and making him jump out of the window. They are both shocked.

Prisha takes Saransh to her room and tells him that he cannot leave the classroom. Mahima asks if Saransh can get ready for class if he agrees. Saransh agrees. Mahima happily prepares for online class. The title track of the serial plays in the background. Prisha Saransh cooks his favorite cookies and takes the milk and cookies to his room, not finding him in his room and looking for him.

She listened to his voice in the parking lot and walked away. Saransh enjoys riding a wheelchair with Mahanma and forcing her to push it even more, calling her Mahema Mamma. Prasha is bored hearing it. Saransh asks her to join him and is delighted to see his favorite cookies. Rudra brings him medicine. Saransh says Mahima Mamma is pushing his cart and he is enjoying it.

Rudra gets angry at Mahima Mamma. Saransh resisted. Mahima powder medicine sandwiching it between shadhi and cookies enables him to eat. Prisha tells Rudra that Mahima has given her medicine between cookies. Rudra says that whatever Mahima tries, he will not give her Saransh. Yuvraj calls Prisha and informs Mahima about her appointment with a psychiatrist. Prisha informs Mahima. Mahima asks who will stay with Saransh. Rudra says she’s in for Saransh and she doesn’t have to worry.

Prisha calls Mahima in the car. Mahima asks Prisha, when Saransh calls her Mamma, she asks him to call her Mamma and stops him if she does not like Prisha. Prisha says she is happy and doesn’t mind calling Saransh her momma. They reach the hospital, where the doctor examines Mahima and tells Prisha that Mahima is now almost normal and is not receiving hallucinations or sleep spells, which is a miracle. Prisha says Mahima is happy after meeting her son.

Doctors suggest that Mahima’s mental illness disappear completely so she can stay together. Mahima comes out, and Prisha says she should tell her parents about her recovery. Mahima agrees, they reach the parents’ house, and Mahima enthusiastically informs Vasu that Saransh is well-bonded and now calls her Mamma. Vasu is delighted and takes her to his room. The GPS asks Prisha if she sees Saransh’s attention towards Mahima.

Prisha says Saransh is very happy to be receiving Mahima as a mother. She returns home and Saransh has a good relationship with Mahima and tells Rudra that Mahima is recovering quickly from her mental illness, which is very good, they are all together. Rudra says Mahima has taken Saransh and he will never leave it. He goes and lies down on the bed. Preetha cries.

PreCap: Saransh plays with Baraj. Ahana and Mishka were envious of it.
Mahima gets Saransh’s court custody notice to Balraj. He shows it to Prisha and asks her to stop Mahima.

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