Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th December 2020 Written Update: Balraj plays with Saransh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th December 2020 Written Update: Balraj plays with Saransh

Episode begins Doctors say Saransh’s head injury is completely healed. Rudraksha asks about his legs. Doctors say his leg fracture will soon heal, so he tells the baby to not take too long and to continue discharge. Saransh and Rudraksha are glad to hear that. Rudrash brings Saransh in a wheelchair. Saransh is delighted to see the welcome panel and decorations.

He thanks Rudraksha for this surprise. Rudraksh says he was in the hospital with her and she was not behind this surprise. Balaraj says who has arranged this surprise and asks if it is like it. Sharda tells the man to go. Balaraj tells Saransh that he will get what he wants from today. Saransh, Ahana, Mishka are shocked by their behavior. Saransh says he liked all the toys that Balaraj bought for him and told him to play with them.

Ahana asks Mishka what happened to Balaraj suddenly and she does not understand anything. Milkha tells Prasha’s magic that Balaraj is working on him now. Balaraj says Saransh needs to be taught so he doesn’t know how to play with these toys. Saransh nodded at him. Prisha says Saransh now needs a rest and can play later. Rudraksha takes him from there. Ahana asks Balaraj what happened to him as he was unable to tolerate Saransh in this house but now embraces him and makes his welcome and home for everyone.

Balanj thinks he made a mistake with Saransh, so he is trying to correct his mistakes. It was a shock that she heard him. Prisha asks Saransh about her pain and says that she is late for her online class. She asks what Mahima is doing in the early morning. Mahima says she would like Saransh to help her prepare for her online class if given permission. Saransh says Mahima can help. Mahima happily helps them (the title song plays in the background).

Prisha adores her and thank God her sister is finally happy and Saransh has embraced her. Prisha Saransh makes his favorite cookies and goes to his room and wonders where he went. She comes out and sees Saransh playing with Mahima. Saransh calls Mahima her mother, which makes her happy and thanks Prisha for the cookies. Rudraksha comes there to offer Saransh a medicine.

Saransh refuses to eat the pills and tries to convince Prisha, Rudraksha. Mahima first tells Saransh to eat cookies and tells Prisha that she has mixed the pills with the cookies. Prisha tells it to Rudraksha and Saransh says she is happy with Mahima now too. Rudraksha says Saransh does not give Maharima. Yuvraj calls Prisha and reminds him of Mahima’s appointment.

Prema informs Mahima about his appointment. Mahima then takes care of Saransh. Rudraksh says he is here for his son. Doctors tell Prisha that Mahima improved a lot and became normal. Prisha listens to him and tells him that she is spending time with Maheema Saransh.

Mahima explains everything to Vasudeva and gives all the credit to Prisha. Gopal says Mahima is happy and asks how Prisha feels now. Prisha says Mahima has rights over her child and is happy to see that they are happy. Prisha says everyone can be together. Rudraksh says Mahima is here to take Saransh, then how can they stay together.

PreCap – Balraj plays with Saransh.

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