Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2020 Written Update Riddhima evil twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2020 Written Update Riddhima evil twist makes Naira Kairav ​​a sweet concoction of her choice. She receives a Karthik message that Kairav ​​has already taken breakfast and Ridhima has prepared Idli for him. Nayra does not feel bad, because Ridhima has prepared something healthy.

Kartik thanks Ridhima for the good food, but Naira avoids his special kachoris. Riddhima is delighted. Kartik asks Kairav ​​if Kachosis is missing. Kairav ​​says Idli is good, but he wants to have Kachori. Karthik serves Kachoris. Naira is delighted when he learns that Kairav ​​eats kachori and likes it. She dances happily. Manish makes a plan. He is excited to go to Mumbai and meet Kartik and Naira.

The Dadi tells her that she also wanted to come. Manish says he has an important meeting there. Lau and Kush are also excited to go. Manish asks if everyone wants to come and get ready. Surekha stops her sons from going with Manish. Suvarna asks Manish to make a video call upon arrival. Nax is anxious that Manish will know the truth of Karthik and Naira’s separate stay. He stops Manish from traveling.

He says Manish is not worth the journey. Manish does not want to take any risk until the doctor allows him to travel. Manish asks about the meeting. Manash asks Karthik to attend the meeting. Manish is nowhere to be found in terms of his health. The Dadi and family agree with Nax. Manish gets upset. Naira finds the same person in the building, the man wants to meet Ridhima. She goes to help. She meets Vikas and tells him that she knows Ridhima. He tells her more about Riddhima’s past.

Ridhima has been evacuated after learning that she lost her husband and son in a car accident. Naira senses the pain hidden inside Ridhima. Ridhima looks after Kaidhara. Kairav ​​dreams of union with Naira. He talks to Naira in a state of sleep, but Ridhima is delighted to have called her Mum. She calls him Arjun and hugs him. Vikas tells Naira about Riddhima’s son Arjun. Karthik found Ridhima with Kairav.

He knows she’s good at taking care of Kairav. He tells her that he wants to enlist Kairav ​​into the art class. She likes the idea. He says he will take Kairav ​​home. Vikas descends to her flat to meet her. Vikas finds Kartik there. Karthik welcomes him and gives him a holiday. Naira hides from Kairav. Vikas asks Ridhima when she got back. Ridhima does not like to have rapport with her old friends. She misses Vikas. He tells her he has come to meet her and to mourn the loss of her family.

She knows it’s a tough time for her, and she’s in a depression. Ridhima says she is able to cope with her grief, she can counsel others and advise herself. She hides her truth. She doesn’t want Kartik and Naira knowing it. Naira tells Kartik about Ridhima’s past. He deals with Ridhima with great grief. He says that Ridhima is always very positive. She says she will never hurt Ridhima’s heart. She plans to call Ridhima. Kartik likes her idea. Ridhima feels that Vikas has ruined everything. Ridhima looks at Kartik and Kairav’s picture. She thinks her son is with her. She wants the image to be real.

The watchman is confused by seeing Kartik with Naira and Riddhima. Ridhima likes to go out to dinner with him. Kairav ​​looks at Kartik and Riddhima. He asks her to take him to dinner. Kartik wants to sleep. Kairav ​​insists a lot. Naira does not want Kartik Khairav’s refusal. She stays behind for Kairav’s sake. She asks Karthik to go with Riddhima and Kairav. Ridhima feels like family. She gets false hopes in her mind.

Naira says to Kartik, they will go elsewhere. Riddhima becomes an evil mind. Will Ridhima try to snatch Karthik and Kairav ​​from Naira to complete his family?

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