Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Kartik cracking jokes. Naira laughs. He flirts with her. She says go away, Kairav ​​gets away. Kairav ​​doesn’t get up so early, I got in the door, he says if he comes out, we’ll know it first. She asks if he has a session with Ridhima today. He says yes, which is why she moved here, why.

She says I felt a little awkward, it was fine, she could stay anywhere. He says I will talk to her. He says I was thinking. She is spending time with Kairav, you are close and still unable to spend time, he tells you that your son is just yours.

He hugs her and I don’t know how I would have endured if I had been in your position, you were wonderful, Riddhima was more involved with the patient. She says she’s doing it for our son. Kairav ​​calls and says the door is not open. Naira hides. Kartik calls him and asks how soon you wake up. Kairav ​​says I answered your call. Kartik asks whose call it is. Ridhima calls and greets him.

Kairav ​​says he made pancakes, we go. Kartik made your ai bag today, says we have it. Ridhima says its ok, cheela and pan cake is really the same. Kairav ​​says please, we have breakfast at her house. Naira signs Kartik. Kartik is fine. Thank you Kairav ​​and hugs. He goes to Ridhima’s place.

Ridhima looks at Kartik. Thank you Karthik, you made his day, don’t work so hard. Ridhima says you guys are very special, I can do this, I go to football with Kairav ​​to watch his behavior with other children. He says well, but I always take him. They say we are going to the garden, you are cool. He says okay, I spend time with Naira and Aksu, I can’t take her. She cries.

He asks if you are fine. She’s sorry, I got Centy, you always think of Naira first and support her. I was a fool, Naira was a good wife, so she says I was a good husband. He says the problems cannot last much longer. They say thank you, I wear this good husband crown when my family is together and happy.

Gayu moves Vanesha’s foot. He screams. She tells me that seeing my son is painful. Don’t worry, I’ll get warm oil for massage, Surekha says he will be fine. Wansh recalls the words of Lau and Kush. He says I should say something, you get angry. She says no. Kairav ​​did not push me, I jumped down, sorry for lying, I was scared, Dad said he would not leave me if I made my mistake, Kairav ​​stopped jumping on me.

She asks why you are saying it today. He says that Lau and Kush have said the problem is happening because of me. She asks if he has said it. They say no, they convinced me to tell you this. She gets angry. I saw Kairav, Sudha says he was going to play football with Ridhima. Naira says yes, Kartik told me, Riddhima’s doctor.

Sudha says she has come to stay at the patient’s house for the sake of the patient, now Karthik is here for half and half. Naira says its nothing. Kartik said she will come, he will not come. She calls him. The surprise is big, the wait should be even bigger, he says. She says he disconnected and sent her a heart. She asks improvisation to deal with Aksu. She goes to Kairav.

Kairav ​​plays football. Ridhima smiled and looked at Arjun. Naira says she plays it well. Ridhima looks at her and says very well. Naira says its fave sports. Ridhima says that Arjun too. Naira Sorry, I can understand your grief, but it cannot be reduced. Ridhima says yes, but I will try to do it away because of Kairav.

The boys call Kairav ​​a cheater. Kairav ​​says I did not cheat, I swear. The boy says, “We’ve all seen it. Go now, leave the football here.” Kairav ​​looks sad. Naira remembers Kairav’s words. She asks if Ridhima is helping him.

Gayu says I want to talk to Naira, Wansh told me the truth, before anything goes wrong, I should talk to her. Everyone laughs. Ridhima comes to Kairav. They say you don’t need to be afraid, I know my son can never lie and make a mistake. Kairav ​​hugs her. She scolds the boys. She takes Kairav. Nax says you now know that Kairav ​​did nothing.

Gayu says I need to fix this, Naira does everything against my son, she can go to any lengths to save her son, she taught Lau and Kush to convince Wansh, I explain to her. Nax says don’t call her, please, she’s worried. The Dadi asks why, Niara. Nax says she’s right there. Guy says I’m alone here. They say Nax is not like that. She says she is your own sister, you trust her, forget it. Kirti scolds Gayu.

Gayu leaves angrily. He thinks I can’t do anything, both my sisters are worried. Naira goes and plays football. She makes a goal. The boys ask who you are, how well you play. She says I’m honest, I don’t bully little kids, you called that kid a cheater and put him out of the game, I know that kid, he doesn’t lie.

Boy sorry, we had to throw out one player. If someone does this with you, go and apologize to them, otherwise they say you can’t play here. Kairav ​​gets Riddhima water. Kairao says thank you for saving me from the boys, you scolded them like a lioness, just like my mum did. They say I know you missed your mum. The boys came and said sorry, you were not cheated, we lied. Ridhima asks if there is a plan to suddenly say sorry.

As the boy says, this is not a project, Diddy explained to us, we will take Kairav ​​in our team. Kairav ​​says my mum taught me. Boy says your mom is so cool, we will meet tomorrow. They will go. Kairav ​​says Deidi, I don’t know anyone here. Naira looks up. Kartik says my lioness, I am really proud of you.

Precape: Kairav ​​asks who that Didi is, Mumma, I miss her. Kartik hugs him. Naira asks if he will miss me. Ridhima looks up.

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