Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik gets overly defensive

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins by saying that Karthik is not just kite, Kairav ​​has written something on it. Kairav ​​asks him to leave the thread, his hand is cut off. Kartik says it’s going to happen, its a short cut. Akhilesh and Kush ask Karthik to leave it, his hand is bleeding. Kartik chill guys say. Manish’s soul is wounded, he does not care for hand injury, he says I can see wounds in his heart.

Kairav ​​thinks I’m sorry, I shouldn’t tell you this. Cried Aksu. Kartik turns around. The kite thread is cut. Kartik says how can this happen, you get what you want, trust me. Kairav ​​was right, I don’t want that. Karthik goes on. Kairav ​​does not ask anyone why he has changed so much. Kartik runs on the roads and gets a kite. He is Kairav.. my son..

He brings home the kite to Kairav. He gives it to Kairav. Kairav ​​asks to show his hand, he is hurt. Karthik shows his hand. Kyra offers help and asks for an injection. Kartik says there is no need, I am afraid of it, I talk to the doctor and see. Kairav ​​looks at the note and Mumma is reading my message, I love you Mamma, I really missed you…

Kartik looks at him. He says, she was reading it, remember when we made her a special card and hid it under the pillow, she knew what was under the pillow, all the mothers were super women. Kairav ​​asks why God called her. No Karthik, we have decided that we will never be sad about her, we will be happy, she wants this too, she will always look at us, whether we are happy or not, if we laugh or not, if we are good boys or not, I have not soaked Rajama for you now.

That is, it is your demand, you get it. Kairav ​​asks if I can be on the big field. Kartik No, you can get injured there, we go to the nearest field and play football. He hugs her. Manish looks at them and they both hide their grief, and there is nothing I can do as Karthik’s father. He goes. Karthik takes care of Kairav ​​and Aksu. Karthik puts Kairav ​​to sleep. Asian mera… .prayers….

In the morning of it, Kairav ​​looks after Aksu and tells him about Naira, she is the best momma. Naksh no, I need a recipe for her name, tell me if you need anything. He sees rakhis on the dream catcher. He thinks of Naira. The fame comes. He asks her to talk to CA. He says that I met him, why are we donating a huge amount, he said, it will be a big loss for us if this continues.

We already have it, I lost my mum and sister, what is the biggest loss, the loss is not from the money, but from the loss of dear ones, I can do nothing by saving the business, you can do anything, leave my state. She asks how do I leave you like this, I am hurt, Naira and Akshara are hurting too.

Kartik cooks food. Comes golden. I make breakfast for the kids, which they say I like. She makes me feel bad, the kids have relationships with us, or ask me to go to the ashram as a nanny. They say I try to fill in the blanks in their lives, don’t snatch this reason to live by myself. Kairav ​​listens to his steps and hides the sketches.

Kartik gets breakfast. Kairav ​​says I have milk and toast. Kartik says it’s an hour, eat a breakfast of champions and I’ll feed you. Kairav ​​says feed it like a momma does. Karthik looks at his drawing. Kairav ​​asks that is not good. Kartik says yes, paratha. Kairav ​​says sorry. Kartik embraces him,

Kairav ​​talks to Manish and says I too want to be a boxer, Mum wanted it. Manish asks if you asked Karthik. Kairav ​​no, he disagrees, he is afraid that it will hurt me, he will not let me jump out of bed, I know he will not agree, leave it. Suppose I am your father and you have to convince me, Manish says how you do. Kairav ​​please let me learn boxing, I will protect you all from goons, I will be brave, let me learn, my friends have chosen sports in school, I have not chosen it.

Manish hugs him. Karthik sees Aksu sleeping. Manish comes. Kartik says I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it. It happens when you do multiple things at one time, I want to hear something from you, you don’t have time for me, says Manish. Kartik asks if I am not a good son. Manish says you are a good son, but you are just a good father, just be a son, be a brother…. As Kartik says I cannot be a good father, my son misses his mum, I can see it clearly.

Manish says as I did, I am not asking you to forget Naira, I am not asking you to do anything we cannot do, do not let her memories chains into your life, do not mean to move on, but sadly, Kairav ​​wants to choose boxing. Kartik never says, I will not allow. Manish asks why and what is bad. Kartik can hurt, no need. Manish says there is danger in every sport.

Karthik says this sport is very dangerous. “I did research on the school’s original website,” says Manish. Kartik says you have already chosen it. Manish says we can change that, kids get such interest. Karthik says the sports class is starting, look at Aksu, I see Kairav, he might get hurt.


Teach children to run away without problems, says Manish. Kartik says I will add Kairav to music class. Manish and Karthik argue. Karthik says that my life is for my children only, there is no room for anyone else. Cried Manish.

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