Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira dancing in the elevator

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira dancing in the elevator. Unchi High Building Plays…. The lift opens. He turns around. Pare Mohan and Secretary see. Karthik and Naira are sitting away. Kartik says the lift is open, Madam. They come out.

Naira says the lift is not working. Kartik asks Pare Mohan to pay attention, in case something accident happens. They will go. Secretary Pare Mohan asks him not to spy on the job. Pare Mohan says sorry sir. They say they can hide and search, I bring out the truth. Ridhima messaged, Kartik says he came. Ridhima and Kairav ​​come. Naira hides behind the stairs.

Karting asks him how to vacation. Kairav ​​was so happy that I painted a mug for Ai, saying she likes it. Kairav ​​says he likes it so much. Ridhima asks who Ai is. Kairav ​​She stays on the top floor, she cooks delicious food for us. She asks, as she gets older. Kartik says perhaps. Kairao says her father asked me to call her Ai. Kartik says the mother is called ai here, she does not speak, she prepares delicious food and fills his stomach. Kairav ​​says yes. He sneezes.

Naira looks at him with concern. Karthik takes Kairav ​​inside. He says he doesn’t have a fever, but a slight temperature. He gets the message of Naira. He goes. Naira asks if you have checked the fever. Kartik says he has no fever. She listens and coughs. Says no. She says I have messaged you. He says Kairav ​​was awake, so I couldn’t answer. She’s sorry, make him eat soup and medicine, he’s hungry now.

He says no, Riddhima made food out of him. What Naira asks, I refuse her. Ridhima says she is hungry, and we have food. Naira says you should call me, his immunity is weak, we don’t feed him outside. Ridhima says sorry. Naira says I know my son, I am his mum. Ridhima really sorry, I didn’t hear it.

Kartik guys say, we end it here. Naira says I know, but we should discuss a few things. Ridhima says I know my work, if you think your son is not safe with me, I will move back, I hope you will help, really sorry, Kairav ​​did it at an art fair. She shows a family painting. She tells him to show it to him when he wakes up, so sorry. Kartik says, listen to us once. Ridhima says sorry Karthik.

She was leaving. Naira says it is my fault to mention that I am Kairav’s mum. Kartik You will always be his mum, your concern will not change, its right. He says Riddhima didn’t find it right. He says she’s my friend, I persuade her, we can at least try. She nods. Ridhima cries over Nayra’s words.

She washes her face. She gets towels from the cupboard. A box falls. He checks the box for some old pictures. She embraces the pictures, saying I’m sorry. Vanash Ramleela watched the video. Lau and Kush come. He asks Wansh to call Kairav. Lau says you can clear stuff, we call, you speak if you want, otherwise we talk.

He calls Kairav ​​on the landline. Kairav ​​answers. Vansh stops Lau and takes the phone. He says Kairav, how are you, you regularly wear glasses and swatch clean. Kairav ​​smiles. Gayu gets juice from Vanash. Vansh gives the phone to Lau. Kairav ​​asks why the phone was disconnected. Lau and Kush go.

Gayu asks if he is saying anything again. Wansh says no. She says if she says anything, I’ll talk to her. Karthik says we have to go fast. Ridhima agrees with Naira. They say we think positively. Pare Mohan looks at him. Ridhima comes. Naira asks if she is leaving Mumbai, perhaps she is here to return the Kairav ​​file. She goes and says sorry Ridhima. Kartik says you have promised me that you will not take any leave until Kairav ​​is well. Naira says I’m sorry, my intent is not such.

Kartik says it is not fair that you move away from Kairav. Ridhima No, I’m getting close, I’m moving into this building, I told you about my friend’s empty flat, she said I can use it, aren’t you happy? Naira says its good, sorry if you feel bad. Ridhima says if anyone has told Kairav ​​that I am overreacting, sorry, I am not coming.

Kartik says no. Kairav ​​says he should not know, otherwise his faith will be shaken. Karthik says you can do anything for Kairav. Ridhima says that now our destination is the same. He takes her bags. Riddhima unzipped her bags. She thinks of Kairav.

Karthik now says that Kairav ​​will get better soon, what happened. Naira said Ridhima moved here, I mean she didn’t mention anything. They say yes, don’t think too much. She tells her to forget it.

They say, forget it, I don’t like who you think of it. He hugs her and tells her that I am jealous, when the time comes when we don’t have to meet like this. She says when our baby forgives her mum. Ridhima thinks of Kairav.

Precape: Kartik says that Arjun is Ridhima’s son. I am sad, I am away from my son, but poor Ridhima… she still helps other children, says Naira. Arjun says hugging Ridhima Kairav….

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