You need these hidden skills to become a Bubble Shooter Champ

If you are active on social media and like to play arcade games, then there’s a fair chance that you have played Bubble Shooter at least once. This arcade game is fun, and one can play it for hours. Since it has the perfect blend of action and strategy, many people enjoy playing them in their spare time. The concept and rules are also simple, involving the player’s actions and inducing them to think to complete each level. Considered to be one of the simplest games, all that one needs to do is learn the tricks and become an expert in no time.

As the name suggests, in the game, one must aim at colored balls or bubbles and shoot so that a particular color chain breaks and moves to the next color chain. The winner is the winner who can break all the bubbles on the screen in the shortest time. At the same time, the player needs to ensure that the balls do not reach the bottom of the screen and carefully strike because one wrong strike can cost a move. The more bubbles one can burst in one go, scores more.

There are also four difficulty levels in the game: novice, easy, expert, and master, and the more you play, the better you understand the playfield and improve your shots using minimum moves. At the same time, there are two game modes:

  1. Strategy mode, which has shot limit; and,
  2. Arcade mode, where the player has a specific time limit within which they need to finish the game.

Since these games are easily accessible across all platforms, one can play them even when moving. One can play bubble shooter online not only as a gamer but also as a means of keeping busy. So, what exactly do you need to become a pro at the game? Here are some tips.

Perfect your aim

One of the key things about playing games like this is to develop better focus. This will allow you to get your desired shot and ensure that you can aim and shoot in the right direction, which will have the maximum effect. If you download the online game, you will be able to practice more and perfect your aim to get the maximum result with the minimum yet effective shot. You will notice that a dotted line will indicate the path that will follow when you aim.

More bubbles, more points

As the name of the game, the rules are also self-explanatory. You need to ensure that you are hitting the maximum number of bubbles in one go when you are aiming. The more bubbles you can remove from your board, the better your chances of scoring and, in certain cases, even earning bonus points. Some aids throughout the game will allow you to switch bubbles, but you need to ensure that you do not exhaust all your help in one go.

Take advantage of the board.

While you aim to clear all the balls on the board, you need to ensure that your shots reach the difficult spots on the board. The walls of the board can help you set the right angle so that when you release the shot, it travels in the right direction before bursting. The walls also help form effective strategies, and you should always plan the next target.

Hanging bubbles

Another benefit of familiarizing yourself with the board and the bubble colors is figuring out ways to get rid of the hanging bubbles smartly. This way, you don’t have to end up wasting your chances, and you will be able to clear a larger group and the unwanted bubbles that are dangling along with the group in one go. So, it would help if you took your time before you shoot to avoid sending the bubble haywire. You need to ensure that you get the best move, which is essential to win the game.

Tournament participation

Tournaments and battle formats are also great learning spaces. You can practice and learn from other players’ moves and use them in your game. At the same time, with the element of competition, you will tend to outdo your opponent before the time ends.

The online gaming experience can be seamless, especially when playing from a reliable source or platform. These games allow you to think from a gaming perspective and help you understand what your next move could imply and if that would be effective for you to win the match. You also get additional help in the form of powerup features by which you can swap two-colored bubbles; you can burst all the bubbles in a line; use a bomb to burst bubbles in a cluster, or match and burst one bubble of any color.

Aiming for the right color cluster, ensuring that you get the maximum color cluster in one go, and aiming correctly are essential things that you need to be mindful of when you are playing this game. Bubble Shooter games are usually very easily accessible and can be played anytime, anywhere. There are also various ways by which you can customize the playing experience of this classic game.

This highly addictive game is guaranteed to keep you hooked for a long time, and so when you invest your time, you can always build your skills in becoming a pro. Download the game or play it online, alone or with your friends, and start becoming a pro bubble shooter. Just ensure that you make your moves correctly so that when you are playing against opponents, you don’t make the wrong move and ruin your chances. Start playing with the experts and become the expert in the simplest ways.

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