Your WhatsApp chat is more secure than before, no one steals your personal messages

WhatsApp is bringing new features to reduce its user hassle. In this issue, WhatsApp is now testing the new feature. After the introduction of this feature, your WhatsApp chat will be more secure than before. WhatsApp will soon be adding an ‘End-to-End Encrypt Backup’ option to its app. Let us tell you about issues related to this feature:

No one can read and view personal chat and photos
WaBetaInfo Shared Screenshot, If you enable this option, WhatsApp will not share any of your personal chats and photos with anyone, while WhatsApp will not be able to read your personal messages.

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The cryptographic utility works like this
>> WhatsApp is now testing this service and is expected to release this feature soon. WhatsApp 2.21 .10. 2 The original saw this feature in the Android version. Explain that to enable the encryption feature for chat backup, you need to set a password.

When you reinstall WhatsApp on any device, you will be asked to type a registered passcode to decrypt it. No one will be able to see your personal stuff after that. This is because end-to-end cryptography protects against unauthorized access.

WhatsApp also provides the option to change the password or disable the encryption when the Chat Backup Encrypt feature is enabled. According to information, this password is your private one and does not need to be shared with WhatsApp or Facebook.

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If you have an encrypted end-to-end backup password, this should be done.
It’s important to note that WhatsApp helps you restore encrypted end-to-end backups if you lose or forget a password, according to the WaBetaInfo report. The report states that it seems that WhatsApp creates the recovery key, when you lose or forget a password, you restore your backup using that recovery key.

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