1GB of data will be available for Rs 11 and it will last for a year, see Jio’s great offer

Reliance Jio offers its customers multiple plans of different exposure. The company is offering plans from 1GB of data per day to 3GB of data per day. There are also some projects where data is available without a daily limit. Today we are telling you about Jio’s offer, whereby you get 1GB of data for Rs 11 and can use this data at any time in 1 year.

1 GB data for 11 Rs
Reliance Jio also offers its customers multiple 4G data vouchers. For users who have exhausted data or used a daily limit, these company vouchers prove to be most useful. What’s special is that the company’s 4G data card will work as long as the validity of your active plan remains.

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The cheapest 4G data card from Reliance Jio is Rs. Reliance Jio customers get 1GB of data for Rs. Apart from the data, you will not get any other facility. The validity of this depends on your active plan. This means that if your plan is one year, and you also take Rs 11 on the first day, 1GB of data will be available for 365 days.

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Here are the remaining Geo 4G vouchers
Apart from Rs 11, the company also offers other 4G vouchers for Rs 21, 51 and 101. For Rs 21, customers will get 2 GB of data and for 51 Rs customers will get a total of 6 GB of data. Similarly, you can get 12GB of data on a 4G voucher for Rs. What’s special is that these three vouchers run just like your active plan.

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