2020 Nobel Prize Medicine has been awarded jointly to Harvey J Alter Michael Houghton and Charles M Rice for the discovery of Hepatitis C virus

The Medical Nobel Prizes of the year 2020 have been announced on Monday. This time Harvey J. Altar, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice received the award. All three have been given the award for the discovery of ‘Hepatitis C’ virus. Harvey J. Altar and Charles M. Rice are American while Michael Houghton is a UK citizen.

According to the Nobel Prize Committee, blood-borne hepatitis causes cirrhosis and liver cancer in people around the world. All three contributed decisively in the fight against it.

Let me tell you that the Nobel Prize is given in memory of Sweden’s scientist Alfred Banard Nobel. Before his death, Alfred had given a large part of the estate to the trust to honor those individuals working for mankind. The first Nobel Peace Prize was given in 1901.

Who was Alfred Nobel?
Alfred Nobel was a resident of Sweden and was a chemist and engineer. He invented the famous explosive called dynamite. Nobel had a great understanding of dynamite and the destructive power of many inventions of this kind of science. Before his death in December 1897, he reserved a large part of his vast wealth for a trust. Alfed Nobel wished that the interest of this money be awarded every year to those whose work is found to be the most welfare for mankind. In this way, according to the wishes of Alfred Nobel, this award is given every year by the Nobel Foundation.

Nobel of Economics
Abhijeet Banerjee of Indian origin has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics for the year 2019. She has been given the award jointly with Esther Duflo (wife of Abhijeet Banerjee) of France and Michael Kramer of America. The award was given for ‘work done for poverty alleviation at the global level.

Nobel of peace
This time the Nobel Peace Prize has been announced for the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed Ali. The award has been given to resolve conflict with their country’s arch enemy Eritrea. It was informed by the Nobel Prize Jury that Abi Ahmad Ali was awarded this award for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and especially for the decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea.

Nobel literature
British author Kazuo Ishiguro, famous for the novel ‘The Remains of the Day’, has been selected for this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature. The announcement stated that the 62-year-old writer has shown the void beneath the unrealistic sense of our engagement with the world in novels with spectacular emotional impact.

Nobel for Physics
Canada-US James Peebles, Switzerland’s Michael Mayer and Didier Queloz have been announced to receive the Nebabel Award for Physics.

Nobel of chemistry
The names of Nobel Prize have also been announced for the field of chemistry. American scientist John Goodinf, Britain’s Stanley Whittingham and Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino have been chosen for the Nobel Prize.

Nobel Prize in the medical field
Two immune scientists, James Allison of the United States and Tasuku Honjo of Japan, have been announced to receive the Nobel Prize in medicine for their discovery of cancer therapy.


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