53 per cent of Mysore and Bangalore cities are not wearing a mask due to shortness of breath: Survey

Mysore: A survey of 18 cities across the country in the wake of Kovid-19 shows that 53 per cent of Mysore and Bangalore people do not wear a mask due to breathing problems.
The mask is mandatory for the prevention of coronavirus.

According to a survey in these two cities in Karnataka, 94 per cent of respondents wore a mask. 81 per cent believe that mask wear is essential to prevent Kovid-19, which prevents the spread of the virus from an infected person to a healthy person, with 53 per cent saying that they do not wear a mask due to shortness of breath.

59 per cent wear cloth masks instead of the N95 mask. About 53 per cent prefer wearing a mask as a compulsory condition in work situations. 54 per cent prefer to wear a mask in markets or crowded places. The survey found that 81% of respondents prefer to wear face mask and nose while wearing face mask while 68% prefer to wash face with mask and soap instead of discarding it.

The wealthiest and richest people use the N95 Mask more. 21 percent responded that it is better to wear a face shield with a mask.


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