7th Pay Commission: How much pension does the family get after the death of the central employee? Know the rules

During the Corona period, the government made changes to several rules relating to central employees. Some of these are related to pensions. Recently, the central government has changed the rules relating to the pension received by the family after the death of the employee This provides some relief to the employee’s family or dependents after his death. However, let’s learn about this rule.

What is the rule: The requirement for at least 7 years of service has been eliminated for eligibility for 50 percent of the last paid pension to a government employee. Under this, if a government employee dies before the completion of 7 years of service, 50 percent of the last payment made to the employee’s family is determined as a pension.

If you understand in plain language, the pension obligation received after the death of a government employee has now been removed. Because of this compulsion, many employers’ dependents missed 50 percent of the pension.

EPFO News: Upon employee’s death, family gets up to Rs 7 lakh

Recently, the government has increased the DA, the central employees’ allowance. In addition to the beloved allowance, there is also an increase in HRA, ie, the employee’s rent allowance. About 50 lakh employees of the central government will benefit from this decision. At the same time, DR means dear solution and increased. This will benefit more than 62 lakh pensioners.

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