7th Pay Commission: The rules regarding family pension have changed, the limit is Rs 1.25 lakh

During the Corona period, the central government made several changes to the rules relating to retired employees. One of these rules is a family pension. Recently, the Department of Pensions and Welfare of Pensioners has also issued government orders regarding this rule. Let us learn about the New Testament.

What is the new rule: In fact, after the death of central employees, the pension payment limit for the family has been increased from 45 thousand to 1.25 lakh per month. Its order has now been issued. Recently, Modi government minister Dr Jitendra Singh had said that the new limit for pensions would be two and a half times higher.

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This step makes life easier for family members of dead employees and provides them with adequate financial security. The Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare Department issued a clarification on the amount of money the child is entitled to withholding two installments of the family pension at the time of her father’s death. Now, the sum of the two such installments cannot exceed 1.25 lakh, he said.

Who are eligible: According to the Central Civil Service (Pension) Regulation 1972, if both husband and wife are in government service and are covered by this rule, at the time of their death, their surviving child is entitled to the two family pensions of their parents. .

What are the previous rules: In the previous notice, the total amount of two family pensions in such cases should not exceed Rs45,000 per month and Rs 27,000 per month, i.e., at the rate of 50 per cent and 30 per cent respectively. The rate was fixed at the sixth pay commission’s recommendations with a maximum salary of Rs 90,000.

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