A flying camera is available on Vivo’s phone, taking a photo-video like a drone

Vivo is working on a typical smartphone these days. This smartphone is different and special than all the smartphones in the world. The company has filed a patent in 2020 for this smartphone design. According to the patent, this Vivo phone is going to get a flying camera. According to a patent sketch, the camera is detached from the phone’s body and shoots user’s photo-videos while flying like a drone.

A patent was filed last year
According to a report by Letsgo Digital, Vivo filed a patent for WIPO last year, which was published on July 1, 2021. The patented design shows that the phone looks just like today’s regular handsets. One of the great features of the phone is the detachable, which is the camera that flies off the phone’s body. The camera comes off the bottom of the phone’s body.

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Four propellers are fitted to fly
The module in this detachable camera has four propellers, which allow the camera to fly smoothly in the air. The battery is supplied with nothing but its phone’s battery. Moreover, it has two camera sensors. Two infrared sensors are also provided on this flying camera. These sensors act to protect the camera from collision during flight.

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Air gestures can be seen with the follow mode
The company will use special technology in this flying camera. It gets the follow mode, which helps users to fly automatically when moving. It is believed that the company may issue some air gestures. However, the patent filed by the company does not mention this. Nothing can be said for sure as to whether or not the company will launch the phone. However, with this design of Vivo, we can definitely see and use smartphones with the most advanced technology in the future.

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