Aadhaar as soon as possible under the scheme of ownership

BangaloreThe state government has issued a licensing scheme for those who live in rural areas but do not have their land records in the state.

This proprietary scheme of the central government will be carried out in partnership with the Department of Revenue and the Survey of India and will be surveyed by drone. After that, the Panchayat Raj Department and the State Revenue Department will conduct a survey in each house.

RKPR General Secretary LK Atiq said so far, no official property certificates have been issued. Now the technology is used and surveyed under the proprietary scheme. After the survey, information was recorded and cards were issued.

Central Rural Development and Pt. The Raj Department is headed by Survey of India (Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improved Technology in Villages Area). Practically implemented in Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

In the first phase, 83 villages in 5 districts of the state have been selected for the project. As a pilot project in the state, six villages belonging to the Gopahalli Gram Panchayat of Ramanagar Taluk have been selected. In the second phase, 7 villages of the Kalahari Kaval / Hosapalya Grama Panchayat of Magadi Taluk have been selected. It has been revealed that the property is aimed at issuing a property card on October 11 to land about 5 thousand properties from 13 villages.

These card cards have unique numbers like Aadhaar. This makes it impossible to duplicate. The village panchayats will also get accurate information which will help in collecting property tax. Aeteq said taxpayers can be easily identified by this.

We are aiming to complete a survey of 1,950 villages by the end of March 2021. Official sources of the RDPR said the card would help if the property was sold.

The unique identification number will give you precise information about the dimension of the property, the original owner, the tax paid and the location. He said that through the Swamitva scheme, property disputes and legal cases would also be reduced.


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