After roasting the puri-pakoras, follow these tips to reuse the remaining oil in the skillet, there is no harm to health

Tips for recycling cooking oil in Hindi: Be it any party-feast at home or in the rainy season, puri-pakodas are definitely made in most homes. It is good to eat puri-pakodas, but after making them, the women of the house often get into trouble with what is left of the oil in the skillet. According to experts, recycling of edible oil should be avoided. Doing so can harm health. If you too are experiencing the same fears and do not want to use the oil already used for cooking, follow these tips to use instead of throwing away this oil.

Follow these tips to use the remaining oil in the skillet-
Once cooked, if you don’t want to use the same oil again, you can use it very easily for other tasks in the home. Learn how-

Apply cooking oil to the door hooks and nails. By doing this, they will not rust and the noise will stop.
To recycle used cooking oil, you can filter it and use it in children’s handicrafts etc.
If you use mustard oil for cooking, you can use it to light lamps etc.
People don’t know that you can even use cooking oil already used for gardening. For this, put this oil in a bowl with which the plant has the most pests and insects. By doing this, insects and spiders will come to the oil bowl and not damage the tree.

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