After the fall of the Congress government in Puducherry, the BJP will not bid to form the government

After the fall of the Congress-led coalition government in Puducherry, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said it will not form a government. The BJP says the fall of the Narayanasamy government has ended the worst chapter in the central region. It is believed that the assembly elections in the state will be held in April-May.

State Chief Minister Narayanasamy could not prove a majority in the Assembly and walked out of the House with his supporting MLAs. Following this, the Puducherry government collapsed and then Chief Minister Narayanasamy submitted his resignation to the Lieutenant Governor. In the assembly, the chief minister strongly targeted former government governor Kiran Bedi. He said the Bedi and the central government, along with the opposition, had tried to bring down the government.

After the Puducherry government failed to prove its majority, BJP president V Saminathan said, “We are not trying to form a government at this stage.” Under the blessings of the people and Modiji’s leadership in the upcoming elections, the BJP and its coalition partners with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will form the government in May and bring a bright future to the people of Puducherry. ”

He alleged that much of the state’s money had been looted over the past five years. The money sent by the Center for people’s employment, rations, health, roads and education has been misused. “When Rahul Gandhi came here you saw how a poor woman complained about the problems of the storm,” he said. After the floor test, BJP leaders said that the Congress and the DMK were just corruption and exploitation. The people of Puducherry will teach him a lesson in the upcoming election.

Tell us that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Puducherry on February 25. At the same time, last week, President Ramanath Kovind ordered the removal of former Governor Kiran Bedi. Telangana Governor Tamilsai Sundararajan has been given extra charge in his place.