Jothe Jotheyali Written Update 17 October 2020: Jhende Comes To Anu’s House

In an earlier episode of Jothe Jotheli, Arya talks to Anu about how her schedules are different and that the company should have different responsibilities. If Arya is busy and needs to take care of the more important things at hand, Anu will take care of a particular segment of the company. They also decide to meet each other whenever there is free time on hand. Aryu thanks Anu for making life so simple and beautiful.

In this episode, Anu calls her friend to ask for a process to get Anu’s certificate. She says Subbu and Pushpa have been asking for a certificate for a long time. As she was talking, Arya called her and asked why she didn’t call when she reached. He tells her that if she can tell him after he leaves, she should tell him when she’s even reached. She spoke to him when Subbu came out and looked at her. He asks her who he is talking to but Anu lies about it and tells him that she is talking to a friend.

Later in the day, when Pushpa and Subbu come in and say they have to sign certain documents, Subbu talks about how healthy they are but mentions that she has forgotten it. Anu is tense when she learns that she has not completed the task she was asked to do. She opens the file to read it but realizes it is the wrong file. She says the same to Hendy and they both decide to go back to the office. As they were leaving, Hende and Raghupati Anu were standing outside the house when she was ready to leave. He looks at Anu and tells her that people usually go back to work at this time but she goes back to the office. Anuhende tells them they should leave because they have no time to waste.

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