Airtel wants to increase data and call rates – President Sunil Mittal said

Sunil Mittal, president of telecom service provider Bharti Airtel, says mobile services rates are now not logical. It is difficult to stay in the market at the current rate, so an increase in rates is inevitable, he said. He said the market conditions would be reviewed before any decision was made in this regard. Mittal said these things in an interview with PTI-Language.

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Asked if the Chinese telecom equipment maker will be allowed to participate in the next generation 5G network, Mittal said the big question is the country’s decision. Whatever the country decides, everyone accepts it. The company (Airtel) has made clear its stand on the cost of telecom services, he said. Airtel strongly believes that rates should be increased.

Current rates are unsustainable

Mittal said, “Current rates are unsustainable, but Airtel cannot launch itself without a market or regulator. The industry needs to increase rates at a time. We need to look at the market conditions. Mittal was asked if he would wait for the measures to be taken.

The disaster of offering 16GB data for 60 rupees a month

Significantly, Mittal commented on this in August of this year. It is a disaster to have 16 GB of data per month at Rs. For a sustainable business, the company says that the average revenue per customer must first reach Rs 200 and gradually increase to Rs 300. The average revenue per customer (ARPU) of Bharti Airtel in the September quarter was Rs. This income was previously estimated at Rs 128 per share in the June 2020 quarter and Rs 157 million in the June quarter. Mittal once again reiterated higher tax rates and higher tariffs in the telecom sector. The telecom sector is a sector that needs more investment, he said. This requires continuous investment in networks, spectrum, towers and technology.