Aly Goni criticises Nikki Tamboli’s team for spreading hate towards Jasmin Bhasin

Ali Goni is out to support his good friend and “Bigg Boss 14” contestant Jasmine Bhasin, but has maintained his dignity and standards. He never belittled or abused the other contestants on the show. But Jasmine seems to have seen many supporters outside the “Big Boss” house, doing everything she can to spread hatred about Jasmine. They went so far as to share Jasmine and Ally’s memes with various groups and ask them to share it on their profiles.

But Jasmine’s fans quickly discovered the origins of the calculation and at no point did Allie reveal their real faces on her social media account. Sharing screenshots on Instagram, she wrote that Nikki should have hired a better team.

Jasmine was very good with Nikki until she abused her on national television. It started during the farm run when Nikki taunted Jasmine with Jasmine. And, since then, there have been negative vibrations between the two. She told other housemates that she had always treated her like a child, but had no respect for her after the incident.

Jasmine and Nikki competed against each other in yesterday’s action. The whole house was broken up and seniors Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan and Siddharth Shukla also took a long time to decide on the winners. During the argument, Jasmine sat quietly and quietly while the prisoners kept their logic before the elders. Jasmine remained composed while making the decision. Siddharth has not shown any malice against him since the winners were announced. That is the mental strength she has.

While Bigg Boss is all over the house in the virtual world, there is a huge battle going on between their fans. Actors Debina Bonnerjee, VJ Andy, Priya Malik, Puneesh Sharma, Prince Narula and Ali Goni have also joined forces on social media to start supporting Jasmine. He also said on social media that Jasmine was so fair during the act. There have been plenty of online surveys regarding Jasmine Nikki’s big defeat.

In today’s Weekend Ka War we see how superstar host Salman Khan reacts to the whole episode. Jasmine’s followers and fans have reacted sharply against posts supporting Nikki and the way it spreads negativity. Interestingly, Ally has been targeted because of her strong support for Jasmine. Ollie described her take on social media as bitter. He says he is a friend in need and can always come to Jasmine.

Jasmine adheres to her value systems within the home. When you congratulate Nikki on what she said after yesterday’s battle – well played, Jasmine responds quickly, she can’t have a conversation with anyone because she is being treated inferior.

Well done, Jasmine!